What if EA Sports’ Ignite Engine sucks?

A lot of talk has surrounded EA’s next-gen engine, but what if it fails to live up to expectations?

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sigfredod1848d ago

Until now Ignite has fail to impress me at least on the graphics part, fifa, madden and live doesn't look that impressive

1nsomniac1848d ago

I can kind of understand when it comes to facial graphics as there's not a massive improvement.

The movement, animation, collision detection, physics, & weight distributions are so amazing it's crazy though, there on another level!!

People need to stop focusing on 1 single think & ignoring everything else. Look around at everything it's awesome!

yezz1847d ago

It's an improvement and of course I'll take it but yeah we're talking about new console generation here so it should look better. Hoping that the next ones are made focusing mainly on PS4/XOne..

In FIFA the cutscene animations are very laggy, the movements are incredibly robotic for a game that is released in 2013. Gameplay animations are pretty good though.

SIRHC131848d ago

2K14's Next Gen engine completely blows away anything I've seen from Ignite. EA has some catching up to do.

malokevi1848d ago

Yep, I was expecting the opposite, after all the talking EA has done about Ignite. But then 2K comes along and makes them look silly! How did that happen?

sovietsoldier1848d ago

really wish we could get 2k foot ball back and would love to see 2k15 hockey or base ball on xboxone.

TrueJerseyDevil1847d ago (Edited 1847d ago )

2k hockey pffft EA has the better hockey game for sure. And 2k baseball was never good it is all about the show

chrissx1848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Yea ignites not that impressive. 2Ksports however did a great job with NBA 2K14. That game is so visually impressive and is true next gen quality

PR_FROM_OHIO1848d ago

What if EA SPORTS actually made good games?? Lol

PS4isKing_821848d ago

I saw FIFA being played yesterday in my electronics store and it looked really bland. The crowed and player animations looked really stiff and awkward. Not very next gen like I would normally expect from ea sports games.

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The story is too old to be commented.