Wii Virtual Console Secrets - Revealed!

Although there has been a lot of interest regarding the Virtual Console, the Wii retro download service, the details of how it works have been a bit vague. Nintendo UK have got around to answering some of the most important questions.

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2tired2day2hate5335d ago

the entire time i read this article i was wondering how many people would think "man this is awesome i can download Goldeneye", not realizing rare made goldeneye and ms bought rare. and that made me wonder if ms would release goldeneye on xbla.

ChickeyCantor5335d ago (Edited 5335d ago )

yess, but in that time they worked for nintendo so who knows.

lpus the fact goldeneye is a movie franchise, sooo maybe.

Raist5335d ago

this game was developped for the N64, so i guess nintendo somehow still have some rights on it.

eepiccolo5333d ago

As long as Nintendo offers whoever holds the rights to Goldeneye enough money, it'll get on the VC. It's always a question of money.