No External HDD Access on PS4 – Is It Really a Problem?

From PS4 Attitude: "A lot has been made of the inability to connect an external HDD to the PS4 in order to expand the available storage space or copy videos, MP3 files and other content to the internal HDD.

But is it really that big a deal? We take a look at some of the trends that might have led Sony to make this decision in the first place.

First of all, let’s recap why you might want to connect an external HDD to the PS4 in the first place. To do that, we’ll look at how it was used historically on the PS3..."

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prodg521822d ago

I said in another post that leaving these features out had to do with security. Sony is a company that produces music and movies. They are also a big supporter of DRM. By not allowing external HDD they can control what content is played through their system. Like any other company, they want to be paid for providing content, not content pirated from the internet.

vallencer1822d ago

What I just find ironic is they go from allowing an external hdd to not allowing one. Where as Microsoft goes from not allowing one to allowing one. I think they should have kept the ability there. Granted it's nice to be able to change your internal one but to be able to put a ssd in there and have an external one would have been nice.

decrypt1822d ago

Well consoles are controlled systems. You have to understand corporations make decisions on whatever suits their policies the best.

Why do you think they dont allow simple features on consoles:

No Mod support - So they can charge you for DLC,
Pay to go online - Free on PC, no reason why online should be charged.
No BC - So they can sell you HD remakes, or force you to buy more newer games, both ways they win.

Console hardware you pay for, isnt really controlled by you. Its controlled by corporations who really are the real owners of the platform.

DeadlyFire1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I think they will patch in support later.

UltimateMaster1822d ago

Yes, it is.
Even if we can't export games to external HDD, at least allow us to export our game play videos and media "MP3" on external memory devices.

Boody-Bandit1822d ago

I have a 2TB HD ready to install in my PS4. I don't think I will ever need more than that for storage.

Section81822d ago


You don't have to pay to play online on ps3.

decrypt1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )


I know you dont have to pay to play on PS3, which just shows how much of a push around corporate control on a platform can be.

You are now forced to pay to play online on the PS4 and their is nothing you can do about it. On an open platform like the PC, MS tried this dirty underhanded trick. PC gamers refused to use GFWL since we had alternatives since PC was an open platform. With a corporate platform you a really are left with no option but to suck up to whatever they desire.

Hicken1822d ago

@decrypt: Is that why everybody just sucked up the DRM that Microsoft wanted to push?

Oh, wait, only PC gamers do that.

decrypt1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )


GFWL is a big flop, what are you on about? even the latest Batman game doesnt use GFWL hardly any PC gamer uses it.

Lastly regardless of any PC DRM, console DRM is way worse. Console hardware is the DRM for consoles. Can you play PS3 games on PS4? no you cant. I can still play PC games i bought back in the PS1 days.

Even then since PC is an open platform most of the time PC gamers have the liberty of cracking DRMs, such options are just not possible on console, since the corporations control you.

Hicken1822d ago

Nobody mentioned GFWL. There's plenty more DRM out there, and it exists because PC gamers allow it to.

While hardware may be the DRM for consoles(I guess, though what you explain doesn't make ANY sense; I mean, do programs designed for MAC work on Windows? not without being altered; pretty certain that's the same thing, and it's really like complaining that you dvd player won't read a VHS cassette), software is and has always been the DRM for PC. And because PC gamers accept it, you had things like the recent Sim City nonsense occur.

There are plenty of non-online-only games where you have to connect online first in order to play. There's also how non-commutable PC games are: it's really not an easy task to take a game from one PC to another, making loaning and selling out of the question.

All that is also DRM.

Why is there a need to crack DRM if there is none on PC? You're contradicting yourself. And I really find it odd that specialized software- that is: games built for a specific platform- are the same level of DRM as something that makes you connect online to play a game.

You have this clear disdain for console gaming: you can't seem to find anything positive to say about anything console-related. Yet you never fail to show up and say something negative. If you dislike consoles so much(and it's pretty hard to argue that you don't dislike them), why not just stay the hell out of news about them?

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Shad0wRunner1822d ago

I disagree.

If Sony thought external HDD support was that much of a threat, they would've issued a firmware update to have it completely removed from the PS3, a long time ago. They didnt seem to have any hesitations when removing OtherOS support, when they thought that was a threat. External HDD support has much less to do with piracy, and more to do with trying to CONTROL how the consumer can interact with their merchandise, by limiting your options.

Furthermore, there are a lot of people who DO pay for their content. Pay for MP3's and digital video files...and those people like the ability to transfer those files from one storage device to another. You cant assume everyone is a pirate and 100% of all downloaded media, is pirated. It doesnt work that way. I pay for Netflix and I pay for Music Unlimited and I do have a PC and an MP3 player....but I want as many options at my disposal as I can have and if I want my PS4 to support external HDD's...thats my prerogative. And from a consumer perspective, theres nothing wrong with wanting it.

It's like this...

Sony has a chance to deliever to the consumer, what they want. We are being very vocal about what we want. And we are getting Sony's attention with it, as statements have been made from Sony regarding missing media features and support. But if they dont deliver, if they use the ever looming threat of piracy to dodge and avoid what we are asking for...sooner or later...some hacker, cracker or script kiddie is gonna come along and figure out how to jailbreak the PS4, just like they did with the PS3. And when they do...the homebrew and modding communities will give us the features, options and abilities we want...whether Sony likes it or not.

In the end, it would be easier if Sony just gave us FULL media support and playback from external HDD's, thumb drives and other devices. They wanna fight the pirates, fine...but dont screw me over in the process.

Rocky51822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

It is to do with security, the PS HDD is married/encrypted to that system using its unique security key.

Its the reason you can't take 1 HDD out & stick it in another PS, it will ask you to reformat it.

Also Sony store half the firmware on the HDD, don't ask me why, its what Somy support told me when ther 4.46 firmware bricked my PS3.

So its prob more the latter is the reason for no external storage, there system isn't/wasnt built to hand it.

Would also like point out the PS3/4 uses a propiatory file system ufs2.

Also that's why games aren't allowed to be stored on external storage. They don't want people ripping them.

Shad0wRunner1822d ago

External HDD support....has nothing to do with the internal drive, or what Sony has on it. Thats a load of bullocks. All were talking about here, is the ability to plug an external HDD into the PS4, have it read it and play media from it. Same as it does on PS3. Has nothing to do with security, pirating or hacking or their propietary code or the authentication keys or whatever. One cannot access ANY of that, from an external HDD. Get real.

Rocky51822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Ah ok, I thought it was about running software from the external media.

So the PS4 in its current state doesn't allow playback of any media content, from external sources.

Would all like to point out what I stated above is 100% correct/true & is the sole reason for no software being played from external media, PS3 games that were downloaded ie, Digital are stored in an open file system, no proprietary container like how MS do it on the xbox, so its out of fear of modding game files & pirating software.

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Thepcz1822d ago

its amazing when the fans defend what is a limitation.

JsonHenry1822d ago

I'm pretty sure anyone that is in to pirating won't mind taking out a few screws to get at the HDD. And given that it is x86 based I foresee it being cracked fairly soon.

Rocky51821d ago

The PS4 has a propriatory HDD format ufs2 which currently can only be read.

Also I was thinking currently to marry a HDD with any PS3/4 system you need to reapply the firmware update, (reason above a few posts) so in order to have external storage they would need to do the same with the USB devices.

Since the sole reason is to stop people sharing games view storage devices. (Can't take you HDD out & use it in another console)

I hope its not hacked as that is not good for the community in a hole & will cause major issues with games & rampant pirating.

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ape0071822d ago

Damage Control Walking to the Ring.....

for we are many1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

The media has been acting weird lately around sony, maybe that's the power of money or influence, but the damage control here is historically unheard of, They damage control things that still nobody has complained about in turn doing what can be best described as "future-proof Damage Control". Those money induced actions I can understand, but it's the fanboy promoting this kind of corporate damage control behavior and supporting it in their comments is what perplexes me, and that's a characteristically peculiar finding in the sony fanboy community.

Joe9131822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Yea like when some xbox fanboys defended the DRM crap. When will ppl realize it goes both ways your going to have your supporters either way so calling out one group has no point because ppl can point the finger right back. So if you think fanboys supporting Sony taking away external hdd then what did you have to say about MS fanboys supporting the DRM stuff and if you are a MS fanboy then why do you care what Sony does just a few questions you talk crap how fanboys ruin stuff but you are a fanboy too just for the other side it is crazy also you see how fans can get not sure if these are a bunch of xbox fans or not but when xbox one was announce it got alot of crap for not putting games first you see Sony put games first and will update all the media features later and ppl are still crying about it so and ppl calling it a money grab when they just trying to not follow in MS footsteps but one thing they will find out is you can't make everyone happy

OT: Didn't the ps3 hack come from external hdd and that almost ended the Playstation brand the most profitable brand at Sony right now so it would kind of make sense to try and keep it from happening again if you could. I do know that is how you do the lvl up and a money hack in GTA5 as long as ps3 is running old firmware that hack is still going on and causing problems so it kinda make sense other than hacking don't see why Sony would block it.

The_KELRaTH1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

When you fill up your car don't forget we're taking the wheels away just in case you drive off and have an accident - prevention is better than cure!

So how much piracy was caused by the use of external drives on the PS3?
Also the article refers figures just to HDD connection but no mention of memory / flash sticks which are likely used a lot more.

Lannister1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Eh... did NOT know that. Wow

Can I still stream stuff from my computer ?

What kind of futuristic device does NOT allow you to plug in your external HDD ?

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