PlayStation 4 Complete User Interface & Features Breakdown

Vultra TV writes:

"Wondering how the PlayStation 4 operates from initial boot up to lovely personalized home screen? Check out our in-depth walkthrough of firmware 1.50."

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JasonXE2773d ago

Yeah. i was thinking about getting an SSD but doesn't seem like there's much point from IGN's comparison

ProA0072773d ago

Been looking for one of these. Greatly appreciated

TheFallenAngel2773d ago

I went ahead and bought one despite all the BLOD claims and I couldn't be happier. The interface is a little glitchy but it works. I had problem downloading the 1.5 update when I ejcted or inserted a game in the drive. It also froze when I deleted a message. It does get a little warm though.

timmyp532773d ago

too much talking. do urself the favor and mute this video

bomboclaat_gamer2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

the OS is so basic for a next gen system
come on

make a proper OS sony

controller feels awesome though, plus resogun is alot of fun
a good system overall. excuse me for having high standards :P

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