3D action platformer Lobodestroyo could come to Wii U, PS4, XBOX ONE with Kickstarter funding

Lefthanded Studios is currently working on “Lobodestroyo” – a N64-inspired 3D action platformer. Lefthanded needs some help to finish the project and get it out to the public.

$35,000 is needed to bring Lobodestroyo to PC, Mac, Linux, and Ouya, $39,000 for PS4, $42,000 for Xbox One and $48,000 for Wii U.

More information on Kickstarter.

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TriforceLightning3868d ago

Why exactly are the Wii U strecth goals higher than platforms that aren't even established yet?

sinncross3868d ago

I assume because they are closer to the PC architecture of the original PC release of the game, and both Sony and MS have establish indie relations and therefore cater to a market who want to buy those sort of games.

but that is what I assume

Venoxn4g3868d ago

yea could be due to architecture or maybe they would like to add some specific features to gamepad aswell

_QQ_3868d ago

Does it matter? this just looks like a bad stereotype.


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garyanderson2673d ago

Good to know he's still working on it, but a Kickstarter update every now and then would be nice.


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GregMicek2710d ago

I'm guessing it's because 3D platformers are harder, and thus more expensive, to make than 2D platformers, which we see tons of.

PhoenixUp2710d ago

There are still quite a number of 3D platformers around. Let's not pretend that genre went completely extinct