Behold, Need For Speed: Rivals In Glorious 1080p xbox one

Resolution has been an Xbox One hot topic of late. It's all 1080p this and oh-my-god-only-720p-preorder-c ancelled that. Well, Need For Speed: Rivals runs at a native 1080p whichever next gen console you plump for and, having played the game on Xbox One, we can confirm it looks all kinds of sexy. Even the cars have a sort of wet, glistening sheen to them that's very Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.

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HelpfulGamer1800d ago

Gameplay more important, not Resolution!

ape0071800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

i understand u 100%, GFX are important to a certain extent not what people make out of

gameplay and game design are more important than gfx but GFX/Tech can elevate and push boundaries of that gameplay and pull something unimagined, that happens when give a great talented team good tech

just wait for Uncharted 4, Zelda Wiiu, next metroid, super mario 3D world, MGS V, half life 3, GTA VI, halo 5 etc...

amiga-man1800d ago

Gameplay is the most important thing a game can look stunning but if gameplay is boring then graphics mean very little, but if gameplay is great alongside awesome graphics then that will only add to my experience.

So far the system most capable of delivering that seems to be the PS4 add to that the fact that it is a $100 cheaper the choice for me at least is a simple one.

1800d ago
HammadTheBeast1800d ago

I think HelpfulGamer is stealth trolling, by saying something that Xbox fa- um "defendants" have been saying in regards to resolution.

malokevi1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

"defendant"? Lol. He speaks the truth. You resolution whores have repeatedly said that you would skip out on great games for the sole fact that they don't meet your resolution requirements.

Hammed, dont throw stones in a glass house. Use the word "troll" with caution. Here you are in an xbox article. We ALL know who you are.

kneon1800d ago

People do get it. But if you are going to buy multi-platform games then why would you choose the platform with lower resolution and a higher price

MysticStrummer1800d ago

Sure gameplay is more important, but saying that is a convenient way to ignore the point. "Resolutiongate" was born from comparing multi-plats, so gameplay was the same for both. I don't think anyone ever said XB1 would never have games in 1080p, but pointing at a racing game, especially Need for Speed, as an "I told you so" isn't very impressive or persuasive.

nix1800d ago

you're right.. gameplay is any day important. but this is next gen... 1080p should be the standard on any console by now.

OT: i'm worried about the Rivals because their last gen (PS3/360) games have not impressed me at all. i remember having so much fun with Most Wanted (PS2) but i didn't feel the same when i picked up the PS3 games... it felt so boring with absolutely no soul in it. i know most of the reviewers gave it 9/10 but still i just couldn't finish the game. i would just blankly play the game and that was it.

HammadTheBeast1800d ago


Well, I never said that. However, you praise 1080p now, yet only days ago "720 p upscaled looks BETTER than native".

DOMination-1800d ago Show
UltimateMaster1800d ago

Is this video 1080p?
Granted, it's on Youtube so nobody could tell the difference with compressed video files.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31800d ago

Kneon, the only people buying a console for multiplats are Sony fans. The XB1 has exclusives on launch that are worth the premium. If the XB1 had the launch games the PS4 has I wouldn't be next-gen gaming for a while.

HammadTheBeast1800d ago


You seem upset.


malokevi1800d ago

"However, you praise 1080p now, yet only days ago "720 p upscaled looks BETTER than native".

lol... seriously? You wanna provide a link where I said anything even remotely like that?

I eagerly await your source!


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die_fiend1800d ago

Resolution doesn't affect gameplay, just graphics

ABizzel11800d ago

That's debatable depending on the game, and other circumstances, but gameplay comes first.

But if you can have both the better.

Clunkyd1800d ago

I guess detail doesn't matter then.

Rageanitus1800d ago

Overall package is MORE important than just gameplay.

I've played many multi platform games on different different platforms, and graphics/resoultion/FPS are important factors.

It is the overall feel that counts!

xXxSeTTriPxXx1800d ago

Why haven't anybody said this b4?

OCEANGROWNKUSH1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Racing games are easy to get at high resolution/frame rates.


@mitford Well once they put it in an open world settign it makes it alot harder to hit 60fps and keep the fidelity high. A game like Forza 5 is running at 1080/60 but is a circuit racing game, so it only needs to render the one track opposed to a whole living world.

mitford1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

but this is not 60fps on either console so cant be as easy as you say

OCEANGROWNKUSH1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

@mitford Well once they put it in an open world settign it makes it alot harder to hit 60fps and keep the fidelity high. A game like Forza 5 is running at 1080/60 but is a circuit racing game, so it only needs to render the one track opposed to a whole living world.

@sobotz tell them what? Driveclub is currently at 1080/30fps with a target for 60fps for launch.

sobotz1800d ago

Tell that Evolution Studios

ABizzel11800d ago


They're rending an entire space, and not using backdrops and other current-gen techniques to get their racer up to 60fps.

Honestly I'm glad you brought that up, but this is a perfect example of the difference between DriveClub and Forza. If anything you can think of DriveClub as a "Section based" Need for Speed: Rivals. Everything is rendered in realtime, but you play each stage in large chunks rather than racing around a full open world which is why it has significantly better graphics than Need for Speed.

Forza is the same game from Forza 5, with improvements to the graphics at the cost of reductions to the content. Faking it so they can include cloud based AI.

Funantic11800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Maintaing 1080p with "steady" 60fps is pretty difficult so far with next gen. Eventually they'll get it right through optimization. COD:Ghosts and Killzone:Shadowfall are dropping frames consistently. They were better off being at 720p upscaled to 1080p with steady, fluid, fast 60fps.

Evil_Abed1800d ago

Really? Go ahead and tell us what racing game on ps4 runs at 1080p/60fps since it is so easy.

Heck name any type of game that runs at that resolution and frame rate on ps4 since CoD and Killzone claim but fail to do so consistently.

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givemeshelter1800d ago

Game play only matters when comparing consoles to PC's on N4G.COM...
Graphics and resolution means everything on N4G.COM when comparing consoles to consoles.... Go figure

Blackdeath_6631800d ago

you don't get it. no one disputes that, but if you can get the same game with better resolution why on earth wouldn't you?

inf3cted11800d ago

LOOOL but if it said 720p you people would make fun of the xbox! Unbelievable this website.

ABizzel11800d ago

I wouldn't be making fun of it for 720p, but games shouldn't be running in 720p on a "next-gen" console in 2013 PERIOD.

People make fun of it when a game is running 720p on the XBO while the PS4 is running at 900p or 1080p. That's part of their confirmation that the PS4 is the more powerful console, and to be frank at the beginning of the last generation the 360 was touted as this all powerful console compared to the PS3, because developer were having a hard time with the Cell, with Xbox 360 games running at 10% - 30% higher resolutions and around 10% fps better.

Years later the roles have reversed, and now the PS4 is running games at 55% - 125% higher resolution and around 10% better fps, you think it should all be swept under the rug, unlike how it was a media frenzy when the PS3 launched? Stop it.

JeffGUNZ1799d ago

@ ABizzel

He probably wasn't referring to you then. A week or two ago this site was fueled with hate that COD Ghosts was running 720p on the X1. The problem is, everyone hates on COD and calls it garbage and not a real gamers game on this site then use that as a benchmark to compare the systems. It's a joke on this site. Now that a game is shown running 1080p, which almost all will, it's now not a big deal. To me, I could care less, as long as it plays well and looks good, I am happy.

steven83r1800d ago

Graphics are very important. Sure Gameplay is what we all want to be first but Graphics go hand in hand. Battlefield with amazing gameplay but looked like NES would take away greatly from the gameplay and story games would not have such an emotional connection with characters if they were crap looking. Realism lends a lot to gameplay.

hollabox1800d ago

Yeah I do prefer better graphics and sound, but I do think 720P vs 1080P is abit overrated. If you have a decent TV or av receiver, the digital scaler makes it hard to tell the difference depending on the size and distance the user is sitting from their TV.

kewlkat0071800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I always thought it was resolution that mattered most in games..who cares about gameplay and stable fps. A good looking Turd is a good looking Turd.\s

Good Poll:About this

At the end of the day: There is no "COMPLETE" gaming system. You only want the best Graphics you would get a PC.

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windblowsagain1800d ago

People do get it.

The point is.

xbox one is more expensive, but is doing less graphically.

That's why rez gets mentioned.

Games wise, choose what you like and go with that console.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1800d ago

Less graphically (to a small extent) much more overall. MUCH more.

1800d ago
TKCMuzzer1800d ago

Only If you live in the US

ABizzel11800d ago

PS4 = XBO + an entire PS3 dedicated to graphics processing

The PS4 has 0.53 TFLOPS aka 530 GFLOPS more processing power than the XBO, the entire PS3 consoles processing power was just over 500 GFLOPS. That's not a "small extent". 30% - 50% is not a small increase.

If your boss said would you like to earn 30% - 50% more money in you check (PS4 power), while doing 20% less work ($100 difference) it would be a no brainer.

I could see if we were talking about KFLOPS where the difference would be a insignificant 500 FLOPS, but this is TFLOPS, and the PS4 has a 530,000,000,000 FLOP advantage, that's literally an extra GPU.

No one is talking down the XBO, it's a capable machine and has stronger multimedia goals (although a HDMI-In port can easily be installed in a new model PS4), but the fact is the PS4 is more powerful at what these consoles are known to do "PLAY GAMES". Grandma and Grandpa aren't spending $500 on a media console, nor are gamers looking to play their favorite games at their best.

dillhole1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

@DeathOfTheFanBoy Internet Explorer? NFL? Skype? Yeah just what I buy a gaming system for - stuff I can already do on every other electronic device in my house.

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Saviour1800d ago

Graphics do improve overall imersion, but xbox has nough power to keep parity with ps4. but problem is extra 100$, hope MS Provide nough extra software content to ensure people don't waste 100$.

etownone1800d ago

More expensive, yes. But it comes with next gen Kinect 2.0

Why do people continue neglecting that?

Ms needs to release a Xbox One sans Kinect to go head to head with Ps4 price wise.

from the beach1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Or just lower the price and keep Kinect in, if they decide to go for the jugular.

Anyway, the equation can't be reduced to 'Xbox One is more expensive and less powerful' when there are clearly so many other factors at play.

TKCMuzzer1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

The trouble is they won't and that's the whole issue. No one is arguing the Kinect tech its just how much use it gets. It would have been better to give players the option as you point out.

etownone1800d ago


If they must include Kinect then lower the price at least $50 bucks....

But.... They already stated that Kinect isn't mandatory for the games and it can be turned off. So.... They could release an Xbox One without Kinect.

Evil_Abed1800d ago

What's the point of a game running at 1080p and sacrificing frame rate to achieve it? Look at KZ and CoD. Heck even Knack can't keep a steady fps and it is 30fps with not much happening onscreen.

jobboy1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

i never heard kzsf framerate is that bad. Who's playing it is reporting a fluid framerate and overall smooth experience.

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GentlemenRUs1800d ago

For the XBONE, Looks alright... Though what is the fps?

GarrusVakarian1800d ago

Both versions are solid 30fps....but both versions have a weird frame stutter effect which is a problem on the developer side and they said they are going to patch it.

This game looks amazing on both consoles, day 1 for me, i loved Hot Pursuit and this looks like a graphically superior Hot Pursuit.

hollabox1800d ago

I need this game in 3D! Playing it on the PS 4, allot of particles and leaves flying all over the place. This game would look awesome in 3D.

ATiElite1800d ago

30fps on both consoles

plus the idiots LOCKED the frame rate at 30fps on the PC version too but a little Config file alteration on notepad should clear up that mess!

IRNMUNKEY1800d ago

Everyone needs to just shut up. Everytime a PS4 game is mentioned its all about resolution. Now its an Xbox you're all asking why its being mentioned!

This site is so bias it unbelievable!

And yes I know if I don't like it I can go somewhere else :-P

Boody-Bandit1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Me thinks you're missing the point. It's articles like this that make me say why are they even bringing up the fact NFS Rivals runs in 1080p? Of course other than the obvious reason. Sites looking for hits. This article only draws attention to the fact that a fair amount of games don't hit that mark on the XBOX ONE.

Where as Sony only fans say, "This is news?" Is it really that bad that this ends up becoming a heated debate? If only game play mattered than why bring attention to this at all?

Sorry but outsidexbox is the one making this an issue. There was no reason for this article other than to further extend this debate which neither side will win. If people truly thought resolution / graphics didn't matter, gameplay does. Why is anyone responded that truly feels that way?

Actions speak louder than words. If you are in the camp of gameplay over graphics you would simply not respond and move on to the next article. All the comments in the world claiming they don't matter makes those that do think you're full of it.

/just saying

There are a ton of games I've played over the years that had average graphics with incredible gameplay. Than again there are nearly as many that had both. I'm in the camp that I will take performance over resolution so not to effect gameplay. If devs push too hard on textures, lighting, resolution and the gameplay suffers (frame rates, stuttering and video tearing)? Than that's not good. But if they can pull it all off than that's a win-win. With that said the PS4 is in a better position to give the gamer the best of both worlds.

urwifeminder1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Game has Ken Block may as well be 2p does this game have in car view?.