Namco Bandai developing Girls und Panzer game for PSVita

Namco Bandai have put up a website for a game based on the hit anime series Girls und Panzer.

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I haven't even decided if I like the anime yet, but new games are good.

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coolasj1822d ago

Localize It Localize It Localize It Localize It

sypher1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

The synopsis of the anime totally put me off giving it a try. Girls and tanks... sounds very gun-otaku.

Is it actually any good? For those of us without the love for big guns and heavy machinery.

Hicken1822d ago

Tank otaku wouldn't at all be a bad way of describing it. But it does get a bit deeper.

Essentially, girls go to school to learn how to wage battles with tanks. That's the most basic of the basics of the premise. But it's rare for a squad to be made up completely of the same type of tank, and the main characters don't exactly have the best models ever or anything like that, so they wind up having to rely quite a bit on strategy.

If you're not really into tanks, it's probably not your thing. For me, though, as somebody who loves all sorts of tech and was obsessed in my younger years with the tech and weapons of WWI and WWII, I enjoy it quite a bit.

dcj05241822d ago

So its a strategy game with cute anime girls? Everything is better when you put the cute anime girl filter over things.

coolasj1822d ago

It's the best show that's not supposed to be good ever. It's a huge cult hit because it knows how to stay within it's own boundaries. It's not a masterpiece but it is amazing. Like... The Puppeteer.

N4GCB1821d ago

You've got that exactly right, "It's the best show that's not supposed to be good ever." is literally the best description for it.

tarbis1822d ago

PANZER VOR! I also want season 2 for the anime. ^o^

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