PlayStation 4 Twitch Feature Review: Junkie Monkeys

Junkie Monkeys: The PlayStation 4 is finally here and one feature I have been anxiously waiting to use is the ability to stream gameplay via Twitch. After investing a good amount of time into this nifty feature, I am extremely happy to report that my experience was a great one.

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WillGuitarGuy1823d ago

Here's hoping that we'll be able to at least highlight our past streams in the future.

Livecustoms1823d ago

You will, sony has confirmed its coming in a later patch.

Treezy5041823d ago

Apparently it works now, this guy told me he was able to do it by clicking archive videos manually online.

Livecustoms1823d ago

I mean from sony's software you will be able to archive it in a future update.

thehitman1823d ago

I have had problems with it registering what game I am playing and adding it to a channel. Cant get any views if its not put in the proper game channel :|. Not sure if I am not setting it up properly but dont see a option for it anywhere. Other than that it works really well and ya the admin controls could be fixed up like this guy said but its probably better to just have a laptop/netbook where you can keep track of that stuff.

itBourne1823d ago

I am guessing you have to set it on your pc right now, because mine does not change either on my ps4.

explicitbaron1823d ago

I love that the PS4 has this feature. It makes it possible for people who don't have capture devices to stream. Too bad that PS3 games didn't have this feature and Steam games don't have it.

SonyNGP1823d ago

I don't see the point in having it in Steam games, when you can stream using Xsplit :/

AutoCad1823d ago

Its worthless if u dont have more then a 10mb upload.

neocores1823d ago

Lol worthless lol i got 1mb uplaod and i stream Easy and fast no lagg in game so your logic is wrong

AutoCad1823d ago

umm im talking about the other side of the stream.
5mb upload is decent stuttering standard definiton stream
10mb -high definition

ive tested this with many people on my friend list so gtfo

thehitman1823d ago

10 mb upload??? lol thats kinda horrible where u live and your ISP. I have 2 GB upload and I think thats pretty shitty.

AutoCad1823d ago

los angeles and i have road runner.
they dont offer 10mb ,highest is 5mb.