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Christian from We Got This Covered wrote:

Sometimes I wish that Braid had never been created. I don’t hate the game, because it’s still one of the finest puzzlers to ever be released, but the jolt it gave the puzzle genre has led to more than a few underwhelming clones that are nowhere near as fun or innovative. It feels like most indie games since then have been puzzle-platformers with only a handful of those standing out as being both unique and fun to play.

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UncleGermrod1798d ago

i think this all needs to stop, i'd rather stare at the sun for an hour than play indie games, for the most part. and blow is a stuck-up weirdo who feels the need to tell me what i should play. sorry i dont have time to pilot some big headed dweeb through a multitude of easily solved puzzles. now we are left with a ton of terrible games that follow suit and thousands of ppl who feel as if these games are the second coming. no thanks

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