Top Underrated RPG’s #06: Shadow Hearts Covenant

In the 6th entry of our 'top underrated rpg series' Andrew Winter of Level Complete believes a certain PS2 title got overlooked by the masses.

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moegooner881823d ago

I freaking love this game, epic ending as well.

NewMonday1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

one of my most favorite JRPGs ever, one if the great things about it was that every dungeon was unique, the story is one of the best ever.

re2_apocalypse1822d ago

Fantastic Game! Same with the Original :) 3rd one was a let-down though. I wanted Yuri /cry

RedDevils1822d ago

I love this game too! It's been ages since I last played it, hope there a next gen for it. It's a pity I didn't see on the PS3 hopefully it coming to the PS4 in the future

DarkLordMalik1823d ago

One of the best JRPGs on PS2. It had one of the best sidequests on any JRPG ever.

piffyd1822d ago

playing this now on pcsx2 in 1920x1080p native with massive anti aliasing

great to relive the classics in perfect graphics

pc rulez!

Dante811822d ago

It's funny how you get disagrees for stating your opinion. Some console gamers must suffer from massive ignorance/jealousy.

zeal0us1822d ago

Its the boasting pc part or they think he pirated to the game to run inside the emulator that netted him disagree. Regardless its N4G some people agree some disagree. It bubble down that truly damaging not the disagrees.

Dante811822d ago

I run games that I own on PCSX2, and it even works directly off the drive. I understand that there is always that piracy cloud looming over emulation, but in hindsight it is a great way to play the classics with clear image quality. He said pc rules because it provides the tools to do said emulation.

Hozi1822d ago

pc rulez because it's the only platform where 20 years later you can still enjoy all of the console games and pc games on one machine.

Max-Zorin1822d ago

Shadow Hearts is so underrated it's not even funny. I would love a reboot of the series.

gorebago1822d ago

I want an hd collection of these games real bad. I'd pay whatever to get it....

re2_apocalypse1822d ago

Yea, an HD Remaster of 1 and 2 would be amazing :)

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