X-Play's Big Ones: Killzone 2, Too Human & SOCOM

X-Play takes a look at the biggest upcoming titles, including Killzone 2, Too Human and SOCOM: Confrontation.

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Vino5897d ago

2008 looks like a good year for the next-gen consoles.

sammy_mantra5897d ago (Edited 5897d ago )

2008 looks like a very big year for SONY and PS3

Too Human is not in the league of SOCOM

SOCOM is not in the same league as KZ2

KZ2 is in the league no one can touch

**********Please take my words . I previewed a KZ2 version yesterday at VOLT, montreal. My boss and my manager were simply blown away.

I will release some screenshots if possible. The gameplay mechnics of KZ2 is just WOWSOME. On the preview version which reached us by DHL , it was written ------"STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL"

Trust my words.....no game is in the league of KZ2

Theres one thing which i can tell you guys----GUERILLA would release some screenshots of KZ2 before E3----around 20 days/a month before E3,2008

PSMonster215897d ago (Edited 5897d ago )

I agree with you, but take your fanboy comments that way --> Have a nice day!

sammy_mantra5897d ago

I said nothing fanboyish

i stated the facts since i saw the recent PREVIEW CODE which XPLAY saw too

zethos565897d ago

Are a psychic? How do you know KZ2 will be that awesome?

sonarus5897d ago

LOL @ Nasim getting a build of Killzone 2. That is almost as funny as Killzone 2 releasing this yr.

Anyways i think Killzone 2 will be a great game. The graphics are there, all they need is a compelling single player mode as i am sure the online mode will be great.

Socom looks like it will be a fantastic title. I am liking the looks of confrontation can't wait to download it on my hard drive. Downloading full games on your hard drive is the future:D

PeeboDaKilla5897d ago

I'm w/ you sonarus. I'm lmao at nasim previewing KZ2

crunchie1015897d ago (Edited 5897d ago )

edit: / wrong reply

MikeGdaGod5897d ago (Edited 5897d ago )

but am i the only one that thinks SOCOM really needs to step their graphics up?

after playing in the MGO beta, i really expect alot graphics wise from these online-only games and the videos i've seen so far for SOCOM:Con haven't been that impressive,imo.

that being said, i've need played a SOCOM game before playing the ones on PSP. so i'm not sure if it's one of those games were gameplay comes before graphics or what.

eyeDEVOUR5897d ago

downloaded games is really not the future man...think about this...if you buy a game that suks,or if youve beat a game and you dont plan on playing through it again,then youre stuck with it..good luck trading it in on something else...

am i alone in this? because i never here anyone bring this point up...

downloading games was never really talked about being "the future" of gaming until microsoft used that in their defense for loosing to BLU-RAY.

if anyone thinks that the PSN or xbox live is going to put retailers like gamestop outta the market is crazy...the only way it could ever happen is if they sold the games cheap enough that if you didnt like the game then you wouldnt consider it a big loss...

im not being any kind of fanboy here....i just like my freedom to trade my games in if i feel like it

sonarus5897d ago

Well most of the games i download i consider them sunk costs. I do not plan to get anymore value from them than what i am playing.

I see your point but games like GT5P, SOCOM and Warhawk are games i downloaded and if given the choice would download again

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darkstar5897d ago

In my opinion, is shaping up to be a AMAZING year for consoles.

heyheyhey5897d ago

hell yeah it is

and people thought 2007 was good

bah, 2007 was childs play compared to 2008

sonarus5897d ago

What are you guys talking about, 360 gave us the greatest gaming line up in history last yr:D

heyheyhey5897d ago

i third it (start a chain here people)

Bazookajoe_835897d ago

What the hell, ive fifth that..

Bathyj5897d ago

Sex. I'm speaking German.

lodossrage5897d ago (Edited 5897d ago )

I tenth that!

Whoooop5897d ago

I wanted 10...

I 11th that...