The Nerd Cabinet Games of the Generation

Ryan from The Nerd Cabinet writes:

"Well, that’s it folks, the next generation of consoles is here, time to pack up your old PlayStation 3, put the Xbox 360 back in the cupboard never to be seen again and replace them with your shiny new machines. But, before you do that, all the staff at The Nerd Cabinet felt a bit nostalgic and decided to write a little list containing each member of staff’s top three games of the generation."

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SynGamer2767d ago

Fallout 3 = yes. Cannot wait to hear about Fallout 4, hoping that teaser site with the countdown is legit.

hellzsupernova2767d ago

hoenstly it was a domain regestered through go daddy, so im very skeptical if it is. Don't get too excited

however i think bethesda's next game will be fallout i just dont think that site is legit

SynGamer2767d ago

I thought someone confirmed it was registered through/with ZeniMax? Regardless, I think it's safe to say Bethesda is working on a new Fallout game. Can't wait :D

gillri2767d ago (Edited 2767d ago )

If you take into account the honourable mentions then ME2 would be their favourite....lo and behold thats mine too!

kratos172767d ago

It looks like their picks were pretty similar.

Mostly Halo, fallout, mass effect, and COD4. Nothing wrong with that, just an observation.
All great achievements.

Mintyrebel2767d ago

I think that partly stems from the fact that a few of us staff are personal friends and therefore share the same taste in games. That being said there is some disparity in the honourable mentions part (Yakuza ect...)

Of course lists like these are just people's personal opinions.