Why Do Most Launch Games Suck?

Indeed, why? As PS4 launch games are being reviewed one-by-one with scores that dare we say as mediocre to decent, it has been a speculation as to why don't launch game be better than it should have been in the trailers or previews. This article delves on the different factors that affect launch game quality including risk management and time constraints. It seems that we should commend early adopters in taking such a risk once in a while.

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Excalibur2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Because most developers still have the mentality, tools and routine of creating games for the previous Gen.

In other cases games are rushed to meet launch dates and in others they are paid to just create something, anything that can be attached to a systems line up of games because they know competition will be less limited at the start of a consoles life and the user base will be less fractured.

snitch_puck2770d ago

Totally agree with you. But if I had to state my opinion about the new titles for the PS4, I find it lackluster in comparison with what the PS3 had -- not graphics or gameplay-wise but presentation, hype, and diversity-wise. Even now, I find myself envious that Xbox One has some titles that I would love on the PS4.

FACTUAL evidence2770d ago

I see a pic of knack....I can honestly say knack is probably one of the best platformers I've played in the last 5 years. Sometimes it's not all about depth, it's simplicity, and knack shows that it can cater to all age demographics. The art style and graphics are amazing, and the game is simple, fun, and responsive.

Jagsrock2770d ago

@ FACTUAL evidence
Seriously dude?? One of the best platformer in last 5 years? Was the last platformer you played 5 years ago? knack doesnt event crack the top ten.

n4rc2770d ago

They get half way done before they even see a dev kit...

All launch titles are rushed to some degree.. And these cross gen games are even worse

showtimefolks2770d ago

most games are ports from last gen

developers are still getting use to a new system, no matter how developer friendly it gets, it still takes time

people over expect, just because its next gen doesn't mean we will get the best game day one. Games even in 2014 won't be as good as the games that will come in years 4,5,6 etc,

That's why i am glad drive club and watch dogs were delayed. Both publishers knew at best we are looking at good games and by giving them 4-6 extra months we could be getting great games

people who buy consoles at launch do so for potential, people who wait like me are playing awesome games on current gen and buying next gen in 6 months

one positive is that most of the times sports games are mediocre for first few years, but this time around they are pretty good

this launch has been much better than past generations

ricochetmg2770d ago

Ms quit making 360 games about 3 years ago so of course they one has games.For the next five years ps4 will have better exclusives just like the ps3 did.

n4rc2769d ago

thats like saying the wii u was going to sell like hot cakes because the wii did..

unless you can see the future, thats just an assumption

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PSNrandom152770d ago

Imo is not that they suck but that we are going in to the nex gen with huge expecations and really high standards especially after coming from an amazing genreation with the ps3 and xbox.

elmaton982770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Even if it was rush, these developers really nailed it with these games (I mean bf4, FIFA 14, killzone and knack look amazing) and it doesn't look like they were lazy I mean, have you play those games on ps4, my god they look fuckkkkeennnggg gorgeous.

CrossingEden2770d ago

Looking gorgeous is not as important as PLAYING well, not being repetitive, glitchy, or just plain boring. Like knack, sure it looks good, but has combat that is as deep as a shallow pond. Same with Killzone, which introduces no new concepts to the fps genre.

elmaton982770d ago

Well to each their own I guess but, have you played ratchet and clank before. Knack is an adventure game with hard mode on it just like r&c was or is and, well, I don't know about you but, to me, great graphics and great gameplay matter a lot, that is why I buy the games I want because otherwise I would be playing minecraft but I just don't like it.

svoulis2770d ago

It's crazy really. I am enjoying every Next Gen game I own. I have no complaints. I guess its all subjective though

e3kehoe2770d ago

Im right there with you..I really think its a persons perspective and expectations.
I an enjoying it all right now. And think the people that were expecting way to much to soon and are let down mostly brought it on themselves

n4rc2769d ago

the hype surrounding it was bound to let many down... it had to.. lol

some were touting the ps4 as the greatest thing ever made that would be absolutely perfect and all its games are 50% better etc etc...

there was no way it could live up to that.. im sure those with realistic expectations, and that arent in the unlucky few with a dud, are having a ball right now..

MidnytRain2770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

Because companies are more concerned with getting you to buy their hardware. All they need is two or three real games to convince people to drop the cash. The games that people will be playing are largely an afterthought. Also, dat holiday season.

Stringerbell2770d ago

Dreamcast had a killer launch lineup.

AirForce Delta
Blue Stinger
Flag to Flag
The House of the Dead 2
Hydro Thunder
Monaco Grand Prix
Mortal Kombat Gold
NFL Blitz 2000
Pen Pen TriIcelon
Power Stone
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing
Sonic Adventure
TNN Motorsports Hardcore Heat
Tokyo Xtreme Racer

SegaGamer2769d ago

The varity is what made Dreamcast's launch games so great, you have a bit of everything. Nowadays it's just the same old thing.

Stringerbell2768d ago

Definitely. It was also a time where arcades were still popular and being able to play a game like Powerstone or Soul Calibur at home was amazing!

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