Lost Planet getting Collected

While most limited editions of games offer up the same helping of concept art books, making-of videos, and the occasional game soundtrack, Capcom is taking a different route.

The publisher is hoping that the Collector's Edition of Lost Planet: Extreme Condition convinces multiplayer maniacs to pay an extra 10 bucks not only for the requisite bonus goodies, but for exclusive early access to a multiplayer map. The Lost Planet CE will retail for $69.99 (versus the $59.99 standard edition) and hit shelves on January 12.

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highps34463d ago

lol so you have to pay 69.99 to get the full game?

jdktech20104463d ago

One map makes the entire game. The game would feel so empty without one map. Damn I hate to be the people who get gran turismo and have to pay for every car.

Seriously, think about what you just said.

The Snake4463d ago

Read the article. The bonus map is only a timed exclusive.

Deceased4463d ago

Will be game of the year in 2007!!!

power of Green 4463d ago

Sounds good the Multi player looks fun, and the depth of it will be worth the extra cash i'll pay for the extra map anyday, i can see an online team highjacking the last guy of the rivals teams mech to take the win.

zonetrooper54462d ago

Halo 3, Lost Planet, Forza Motorsports 2, Alan Wake and many other games will be games of 2007.

Schmitty074462d ago

I'm more exicted for this than Gears of War.