My Love Hate Relationship With QTE's

We at DirtyPixel Gaming have a bit of an on/off relationship with QTE's, read why here.

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kreate2775d ago

Its actually the walking dead.

Tontus2775d ago

God of War, especially 3 and Ascension, do them perfectly. The way the prompts are positioned on-screen correspond with their layout on the controller, the amount of time you're given and the fact that most of the time failing them doesn't result in failure.

They're also optional most of the time, only bosses and the odd platforming set-piece require you to use them.

Hellsvacancy2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

I'm not attacking Beyond Two Souls, I am enjoying it, but so far in my experience it has far less gameplay than Heavy Rain, which had less gameplay than Fahrenheit

Most of Beyond has just been a case of *move the analog stick left, or right*

Like I said I'm not hating on it, I'm enjoying it, I like Quantic Dreams games, I'm just a little disappointed I don't have as much control over the character like QDs previous games

I bought Terraia the same week, I've played Beyond for 2-3 hours, played Terraia for nearly 40

Polysix2775d ago

I have no love/hate relationship with QTE. Just a HATE one. Sorry.

Roccetarius2775d ago

I'm not a fan of QTE's at all. They're tolerable in most games, but that doesn't mean i like them.

Instead of adding QTE's, extend a scene or improve gameplay mechanics.