Nintendo Direct: Release Dates, Apps, and Cross-Platform Nintendo IDs

Another exciting Nintendo Direct has come and gone, showcasing new additions to Nintendo hardware and software. So, what new tantalising details were revealed this time?

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Toon_Link2768d ago

Best announcements for me was the merge of balances for eshop, I've had 30 dollars from SMT4 and FE promotion. And the shovel knight coming to the Wii u I've really wanted that game and was unaware it was coming to a home console I own.

AlexFili2765d ago

An exciting time to own a Wii U. Getting my Assassins Creed copy on Friday

Toon_Link2765d ago

Nice! I picked up AC4 on ps4 and I'm really enjoying it so far. Next game for the wii will probably be Mario 3d from all the videos I've seen looks like a lot of fun and something I can play with my young kids.