Microsoft Promises to Continue PC Game Production.

What can we expect from Microsoft's new commitment to PC development?

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ATiElite2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

"Microsoft Promises to Continue PC Game Production."

Ha ha hah ha I laugh so hard!

Microsoft's PC Game division is D.E.A.D. this is all B.S. talk for shareholders.

If Microsoft is serious about PC gaming then they need to hire ME as President of Microsoft PC game Division and not some CLOWN with a fancy resume but an actual PC GAMER like myself who knows what PC Gamers WANT and NEED!

UltimateMaster2775d ago

Walmart is getting rid of PC games.
It's the same for the one in my town.
Is it for yours too? (Should be gone by 22nd when Xbox One launches)

They have their displays for the games, PC is nowhere in that list anymore.

PC games are mostly online only, digital download or amazon.
Even PS now has PS Digital Download on Amazon.

MidnytRain2775d ago


That has... nothing to do with anything.

sobotz2775d ago

Titanfall and Project Spark for PC it's a good start

zero_gamer2775d ago

You may know what PC gamers want and need, but without a serious background and education in corporate business, you wouldn't stand a chance.

ATiElite2774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

OK I'm sure teh Geniuses who Thought up Game For Windows Live ALL have Masters Degrees and PHD's in Business and look how that turned out.

PC Gamers hated GFWL more than DEATH.

"I rather die a horrible Death TWICE before installing GFWL on my PC" -- Random PC Gamer

Shall I bring up ZUNE, Surface, or any Windows Phone?

ALL total failures by Fancy resume having super educated IDIOTS who know nothing.

Steve Jobs was a College drop-out (Reed-College)

Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard became a Billionaire then went back

Gabe Newell and Mark Zuckerberg both dropped out of college and became Billionaires!

No fancy Degrees for these 4 Billionaires who ALL totally changed the business world.

DeadlyFire2775d ago

I am thinking Age of Empies 2 HD has been a test and they like the results so far.

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edqe2775d ago

"Microsoft Promises to Continue PC Game Production."
"Microsoft Promises to Continue Windows Game Production."

Somehow I don't see them making games for non-Windows OSs with OpenGL.

brich2332775d ago

why would they when they have thier own OS's.

edqe2775d ago

PC is more than just Windows.

btw. who knows what their new "Services and Devices" will bring in the future.

hiptanaka2775d ago

Yeah, to continue making Minesweeper.

Grave2775d ago

I'm just glad GFWL is dead.

UltimateMaster2775d ago

Maybe they will revive it... :(

2775d ago
Mr Tretton2775d ago

I'm all for the upcoming OS competition between future Windows and SteamOS/Linux. Thank goodness for Valve throwing their balls in the ring.

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