Pro Evolution Soccer 6 sells over 3 million copies in Europe

Pro Evolution Soccer 6, also known as Winning Eleven here in the States, has sold over 3 million copies in Europe. Konami announced that today. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 was released on the 26th of October in Europe, and in just 8 days it sold over 3 million copies. That's quite a lot.

The Xbox 360 version sold the most copies, followed by the Playstation 2 and PC version. Konami also announced yesterday that it is working on a patch to fix the online problems, some people are experiansing. Now we just have to wait how many copies FIFA 07 has sold, so we can see who's the better one.

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THWIP4463d ago

...and that's just Europe; factor in Asia/Japan/US, and this game is gonna be HUGE. 0_0

dikturbo4463d ago

the attach rate of new 360 systems to the PES game. Many of the visitors to this site are Europeans and will have the largest impact of new 360 ownership.

Did you buy a 360 to play this game?

devv054462d ago

PES is a must-buy for many Europeans. Ofcourse I bought it too and many people I know did. Football is the #1 sports world-wide and especially in Europe very populair.

malachi234462d ago

It's probally the worst and most bugged football game i've ever played!...even fifa 07 is better than this game....this is the very very last time i and MANY OTHERS buy into konami's football games.