140° Begin Billing For Xbox One Pre-Orders Today

It has been confirmed by a Representative, that those customers with Xbox One pre-ordered consoles with, could be billed the full remaining balance on their next generation console as of today. This is not to say it will happen today but depending on where you are in the process queue, it is a possibility.

The PS4 pre-orders, will follow a similar pattern starting from the 18th of this month due to their later arrival across Europe.

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Mikelarry2740d ago

"There is the possibility that this may catch some customers off-guard, considering it's still 11-12 days from the street release date, due to the warning email merely stating the funds will be collected early, with no clear start date included for the processing to begin"

Paid for my next gen console outright as i didn't not want them taking the money out when the funds where not there as you can expect horror stories

GaminGuys2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I'm already expecting those horror stories. Thats why I got the article on here asap to limit user problems. Hope Game have got more customer services staff on standby :P It's very early though isn't it? I wonder if shipping will follow suit and be early or am I just dreaming here?

Mikelarry2740d ago

hopefully a lot of people read this and get the money into their account asap.

Mr_cheese2740d ago

Shopto have started as well for the xb1. Wonder why they are all starting so early? Think Microsoft pushed it to prevent cancellations?

jimbobbeers2740d ago

Why do you have to turn this into something negative about MS? Its due to demand, and a company like shopto prides itself on being efficient.

Mr_cheese2740d ago


Not negative, more in line with the companies current attitude. You say it's due to demand, but since the ps4 has it beat on preorders and they aren't charging yet on shopto, it makes me question why one console and not the other.

jimbobbeers2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Shopto started charging on Saturday, 4 days ago. Which means it was 13 days before release. The PS4 is still 16 days away. I guarantee they'll have the same process for the PS4.

Just to add, all Xbox One Day One editions and bundles completely sold out on, even one of the journo's over there commented on how well it was selling via preorder. Sounds to me like you just want an excuse to bash a certain company.

Mr_cheese2740d ago

No excuse at all, if you look through my history, I want comment saying how I want Microsoft to do well because it's healthy to have the competition and it pushes the industry further. My thoughts where just that, thoughts. Microsoft themselves started processing last week, which was very early. just curious is all....

jimbobbeers2734d ago

Surprise surprise, shopto started taking PS4 payments this weekend just gone, 12 days before launch, 1 day difference to Xbox One. Take your Microsoft conspiracies elsewhere.

Mr_cheese2734d ago

You've really had this playing on your mind haven't you? I made a comment based on the events occurring at the time, only ever mentioned that comment in this article and no where else as a passing thought.

As I said before, read my comment history, I want both to succeed because it is a healthier industry.

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mitford2740d ago

nothing surprises me when it comes to game nothing

GaminGuys2740d ago

I pre-ordered 2 Xbox One's so have to get £864.98 sorted by tonight into the correct account just in case.

JasonBloodbourne2740d ago

according to whoever disagreed, you don't lol

pheature2740d ago

is that because u r expecting somthing similar ti tyhe rrod

now thats what i call dedecation

GaminGuys2739d ago

How can you disagree with my above comment it was a fact. 1st console amount was taken today, just waiting for the Ghosts bundled one to go out now.

pheature2740d ago

game was actual founded by a 17yearold boy .. wikipeedit

Soldierone2740d ago

Amazon hasn't even charged me yet and its coming out in a few days here lol

deadfrag2740d ago

Amazon only charge two days before it ship;im in Portugal and already charge my card on the 31 of pass month for my pre-sale PS4

rainslacker2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I imagine they'll be charging tomorrow...or later today depending on where you are. They charge right before they pull the system to ship it out to you.

pheature2740d ago

thats great cus tbh the muny is burning a hole in my pocket

skoorydook2740d ago

Why I pick up from Game in store, pay a deposit then pay in full on release day, no nasty surprises.

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