PS3 Ridge Racer: 9 minutes too long?

The Nintendo Nsider Forums are lighting up with glee (and spilling onto Digg) at how horribly terrific it would be if Ridge Racer 7 required a 5 GB install on PlayStation 3's hard disk drive. Some generous (in favor of Sony) math calculates that the install would take 9 minutes and 46 seconds. The assumption is most PS3 games will require HDD dumps, forcing users to constantly install, erase, and reinstall -- these data chunks would fill up the drives fast; certainly the 20 GB model.

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beans5345d ago

Now that's going to suck big time but then again I guess it will be alright if it's once every blue moon!

kmis875345d ago

This is a one time, optional thing that only Ridge Racer fans who play everyday would feel the need to do. And I'm sure Ridge Racer fans are happy about being able to reduce load times by letting the game install once while they're off eating lunch, or taking a shower, or getting some exercise.

CyberSentinel5344d ago

RR AND Genji, more will follow.

kmis875343d ago

I was only talking about Ridge Racer 7's install process, but yes, Genji does have one too, and the same rules apply to it. It is also a one time process, and it reduces load times to almost nothing, but it would only be of benefit to Genji fans who play constantly.

kingboy5344d ago

joystiq always bias on anything playstation.other sites are posting this news with headlines like "Ridge Racer 7 can be installed on PS3 HDD" that blog site is a joke

no_more_heroes5344d ago (Edited 5344d ago )

then how long are the load times? I hope its not soooo long that this is required all the time. But if they weren't so bad, would this be necessary? Or maybe the load times are ok and they just have this so that it loads faster than 360 games on DVD so they can say "See ? Blu-Ray even loads much faster than DVD or HD-DVD. Another reason why Blu-Ray and PS3 is better and why you really should buy them." If this is so then Sony is trying to trick everyone into buying their format (lying by omission/misinforming). Lets see - if the load times are bad then that doesn't look too good for blu-ray as its supposidly the best, butif they aren't bad then they might use it as a way to trick people into thinking that blu-ray is technologically superior already in everything, including load times, it being a new format that is untested and all. Which would you prefer?

kmis875344d ago

They're playing Ridge Racer 7 on Gamespot, and it doesn't look like the loading times are bad at all. It seems like only people obsessed with RR would benefit from installing it to almost eliminate load times completely.

Siesser5344d ago

The load times were about 12 seconds, so it all depends on your definition of bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.