Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Eleven

Here is the latest in Eurogamer's continuing range of Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 comparison features, designed to provide additional commentary to the original Eurogamer reviews for each release, while doubling up as an ongoing commentary on the state of cross-platform game development in the new era of high definition gaming.

Supplementing their views are in-depth technical analyses of the titles at hand, backed up by high quality screenshots of each game only possible in the new digital AV age. Lossless 24-bit RGB frame grabs are ruthlessly swiped from the HDMI ports of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Elite using a Digital Foundry HD capture station, the only kit available built from the ground up for videogames in high definition. 720p 'screens' are taken as a matter of course, with 1080p shots also grabbed for comparison purposes when the game in question supports it on PlayStation 3.


Article updated and now linking to the original article at Eurogamer. The first 100 comments below are directed at the article at which you can read in the via link.

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CViper3880d ago

“Certainly, for PlayStation 3 owners, there’s absolutely nothing here that makes you feel good about owning the console." -MX vs. ATV Untamed

hey hey hey3880d ago

well he makes wild claims but he backs all of them up unlike most ppl on this site.

solidt123880d ago

The funny thing about this picture is that the PS3 versions graphics look alot better just without all the trees.

hey hey hey3880d ago

either your blind or ur just use to things looking washed out its clear to see that the left image has greater colour depth while the right picture looks like it has very very high brigfhtness on as i can see a grey image on it it basically dos not have any colour depth.

gaffyh3880d ago

LOL. These are the worst examples/games ever, obviously a game ported from 360 to PS3 will look worse, same as if a game ported from PS3 to 360 will look worse (Burnout Paradise).

The only game that would be worth comparing would be COD4 because it was built from the ground up and is not a port. Fanboy article. Ps3 exclusive games look great, which makes me feel good. lol.

Real Gambler3880d ago

Feeling more and more insecure I guess. So he is claiming the PS3 is TWICE the price and yet, the PS3 has oversold the 360 in the last 3 months. So basically, there would be hundred of thousands blind rich people who are willing to pay TWICE the price for an inferior console. Or HE could be wrong, and the PS3 is giving people more than he seem to think.

Let the numbers talk. When people pay many hundred dollars for their console, they have done their homework.

If my PS3 was stolen tomorrow, I would buy another one the next day. Think about it. If what this guy is saying is true, I could get TWO "better 360" instead. I must be crazy! But I'm not : ) Poor Nick

KyonoRocks3880d ago

Pfft people don't do their homework. The people who care about games will already have their PS3/360, the people who are buying next gen now are just parents who want to impress their kids or people who want a PS3 because it's in some music video.

Playstation is a far, far superior brand name to Xbox 360 so it's naturally gonna sell more.. at least until next gen

MikeGdaGod3880d ago

guys there's no need to defend the ps3.

this guy didn't even come up with valid arguments.

Bloodwar3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

and for the most part, the negative speech is to a minimum. I noticed some folk saying to check out the games made from the ground up and I decided to check out and look at COD4 and they have a pretty well developed comparison video. I wish they played the whole thing in split screen because as I was watching the video, I couldn't tell the differences in the two versions of the game until one point. Everything about each version seems to be spot on. I wouldn't even worry which version to get. Just get the one you have your console for. If you own neither console yet, just get the game for your PC. ROFL!

Anyways, that point where you can tell a difference is in the split screen area which is at 1 minute 25 seconds in... Okay, now that I have played the video and paused it and replayed it over and over, it was hard to do a side by side yet again. The player is standing at slightly different areas of the screen. Its a good thing that it was difficult because for me, I guess the untrained eye, the game looks good no matter which system you own.

Here's the vid:

sonarus3880d ago

Metal Gear Sold 4: Guns of The Patriots

Wake me when 360 can run 50Gb games in 665p and 30fps:D

Bloodwar3880d ago

My response is far from what one would call a fanboyish response, but was a necessary response to your fanboy like attack. Your 50 gig game you are talking about is the same game that requires you to make a 10 or 20 minute install on your PS3. Am I right? The only time the 360 installs anything to its hard drive is when there is a patch. Thank you for patches, they are updates set to enhance our game play experience by the removal of bugs. A mandatory 2 to 5 gig install is something I don't want happening. If every game I play on a PS3 has a mandatory install, there is a lot of that 40 gig hard drive that could have instead been used for music, demos, movies, and DLC and also not much play into how many games I have to play and beat before playing and installing the next game. You run out of room fast with the installs. Am I wrong in this presumption? One way to skip around that is the fact that the PS3 supports allowing us to install our own hard drives into the PS3s from what I hear. That would be way cool to install a 500 gig hard drive or larger into our PS3s which is what I am going to do when I buy my PS3.

I don't know if Microsoft would consider it cheating to run an external hard drive on the Xbox 360 while playing on Live, but I am curious if its even possible to run an external hard drive on one and if anyone has tried and also what was their response from MS once they connected their external hard drive enabled Xbox 360 to Live? I would like to know since my 360 has run out of room. LOL I am considering buying a 360 Elite but would rather try the external harddrive if its possible.

sonarus3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

You can use an external hard drive on your 360 i use a 500GB to store most of my music and videos same for ps3. However, you cannot store game files there or install game data e.t.c.

As for MGS4 being as 50GB game, there has been no mention of a 50GB install and i didn't even read your above comment so my comment wasn't directed at you. I have a 160GB hard drive so those mandatory installs while annoying have minimal effect on me. If it makes the game run better then sure i don't mind...if not i really don't want it

I really don't even understand the point you are trying to get across with your comments. My reply was to the story which asks, why would you be happy owning a ps3. I didn't buy a ps3 for any of the above games made in those comparisons so the article is stupid.

360 couldn't survive with mandatory installs because of the small hard drive and since you have to buy an official msoft hard drive it makes it expensive to upgrade. I paid 80 bucks for my 160GB but its like over 100 for Msoft 120GB. Frankly the whole install times thing is blown out of proportion. Reality is tons of games run the same on 360 and ps3 without installations. I am not 100% sure but i just finished dark sector and i don't remember installing sh!t.

Anyways like i said, wake me when 360 can run 50GB games at 665p and 30fps

Finch3880d ago

One thing is for sure from the screen shoots. Many of them had alot more going on and much more filler in the x360 version. There was many of things cut out of the PS3 like trees, grass and even people on screen. Though i still think they both look great and the PS3 will only get better and better. Yet for now its still not matching the x360 just yet.

yesah3880d ago

really pisses me off when theese "analysists" dont know what the hell their doing

dantesparda3880d ago

"who stole the trees", lol!

Finch3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

@1.13 -
really pisses me off when theese "analysists" dont know what the hell their doing.

Well i believe must these things pointed out are beyond that! There is things plainly missing here not just color and sharpness and what not!

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Fishy Fingers3880d ago

Hilarious article, based around opinion again, and obviously quite a lot of bias from the author...

"Sucks to be you. There, I said it."

Also, I like his example games...

Soldier of Fortune: Payback
MX vs. ATV Untamed
Condemned 2: Bloodshot

don't waste your time.

TripleTags3880d ago

that someone played SOF:Payback .. on TWO consoles none the less! Obviously the guy has alot of time.

ruibing3880d ago

Yeah it's interesting he chose the games covered in the Eurogamer comparisons with the most anti-PS3 quotes.

Squeezle3880d ago

Another game journalist wannabe spewing refuse from both ends. He only uses three games to compare; SOF, which was horrible on both consoles, MX vs ATV, which was by no means GOOD, and Condemned 2, Which only shows "lack of anti-aliasing" and a frame rate that is "a touch less consistent." I'm not opposed to seeing articles compare consoles or games, but at least make them games that someone is going to give a sh1t about. Condemned wasn't a bad choice, but there really aren't many differences between the two versions, so it defeats his purpose. I'm sure it's difficult to write serious objective articles with a prepubescent train of thought.

Jeebus3880d ago

Comparing some crappy games. The one decent one he used (condemned), he cites that the audio through HDMI is touchy. How many 360's even have HDMI at all?


Ante Meridiem3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

The problem is not just with the PS3 HDMI Audio, it is also on the optic audio. Not sure if the RCA connections are effected.

Although not all Xbox 360s have HDMI I think that they all have an optic audio out.

NOTE: The only difference between component connections plus optic audio and HDMI is that HDMI is only one plug and HDMI is 1080p vs 1080i on component. HDMI is great and all but 1080p vs 1080i is not a noticable difference for many people.

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dktxx23880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Fanboy alert. This dude has obviously never seen Uncharted or lair or heavenly sword or motorstorm. I bet hes never seen a ps3 exclusive.

Fishy Fingers3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

What barring do those games have when your talking about multiplatform games?

The article is concerning the performance of both consoles with multiplatform games, exclusives are irrelevant.

fenderputty3880d ago

Why not COD4 or Burnout or DMC4. I bet were soon to see GTA4 look equal on both too. Fact of the matter is that good majority of the multiplat games are built on the 360 first. It still has a larger install base and developers are still hesitant to code correctly on the PS3.

I don't think this article should be reported or taken down but, it rather apparent that it isn't written from a fair standpoint.

fenderputty3880d ago

@ the title change. Couldn't keep that oozing fanboy title any longer could ya?

Silverwolf3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

You're wrong! He began the article by taking a shot at the PS3's power. If that's the case why not compare PS3 games that take advantage of the hardware against xbox 360 games that do the same? Why do fanboy ALWAYS refer to muti-platform games? Because that's all they can take a shot at. Any game made for the PS3 will out do any game made for the 360, nuff said. I would break out a list of those games but you already know them and beside you just hate when they mention them..

Fishy Fingers3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Ridiculous, people compare multiplatform games because its the only fair comparison you can get.

Comparing say, Uncharted to Gears is pointless, and can be nothing more than opinion.
In your opinion Uncharted may be better, in someone esle's it may be Gears. Which of you is right or wrong? Neither.

Multiplats allow you to compare the exactly sence or character model etc.

People are reporting this story left, right and centre because of the author outcome, approving/reporting stories should be 100% impartial, N4G is here for people to get all sorts of gaming news, not just positive PS3 and negative 360 news.

Silverwolf3880d ago

You CAN'T compare mutiplatform games if there's a leading console to begin with. How can you call that fair? Since when has porting code from console to console been fair?

Fishy Fingers3880d ago

Yes I see your point there. But thats where a clever person would compare a multiplatform title thats was not simply a port, but built ground up on that systems architecture, COD4 for example. Unfortunately the author obviously isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

Silverwolf3880d ago

COD4 is the only one I know where the comparison would have fair. But your right, he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Jinxstar3880d ago

Well you can compare games that are exclusive but only from a statistic point of view. Yes some people may prefer the way gears plays to say uncharted but the one thing you can take is resolution, ambience, sound, number of enemies, AI interactions and a great number of things... Some people prefer an action game some people prefer an adventure game. That is not comparable but you can compare power of a system by looking at the leading games for the Gen... I would go on to say I feel the best looking 360 game is probably Fable. Maybe its me but I think it looks great in every way, Vibrant, unique and pretty where as KZ2 has hands down the best graphics I have seen... at least on a console for sure maybe even period... If its a graphics comparison and you take War Devil and basically any game there is none but a real gamer worried more about gameplay.... My 2 cents....

Ante Meridiem3880d ago

People seem to make the wrong argument when it comes to these things. PS3 may be more powerful than the 360, Im honestly not sure. However, Having a more powerful processor does not nesasarily mean it will have better graphics. It could mean it can process the AI for more enemies, allies or what be it. It means that PS3s can and are being used as servers. But a powerful processor alone does not mean better graphics. It takes much more to have great graphics. Has anyone ever tried to game on a server? lol

Let me clarify that I am not saying one is better than the other. Just simply stating that people should not use the PS3 cell when arguing about graphics.

Guitarded3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Why? Because Xbox is clearly superior to PS2. There is no such distinction between PS3 and 360. So ported code can look better on the port console. COD4 is not using either consoles power. It's not that great looking of a game. IW just know how to use visual tricks to make their games eye catching without actually looking all that good. The point the guy is trying to make is most, not all, multis' look and play way better on 360. The rest are equal or slightly better on PS3. It's not devs faults that Sony wanted to change the way video game code is written with their stupid @ss console design. Some of you guys need to sharpen your tools.

supahbad3879d ago

wow, okay so the PS3 sucks because it tried to do new things for gaming? well i guess there still is 360 fboys around, they only come out to say every multiplat is better because of LIVE and the PS3 has FR hiccups. why dont we do a compairson on the biggest multiplats, say: COD4,DMC4,BP,GTA4. see what happens when devs do their jobs? an equal if not superior version. then check out PS3 exclusives and tell me they are garbage due to bad coding. ignorant fboys suck!

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Capt CHAOS3880d ago

The Cell is not a major advantage over the 360's impressive cores. The graphic cards are where all the graphics are at (Ask any PC owner), And I think the graphic cards on these two machines are very closely matched.

hey hey hey3880d ago

im not a fanboy but the 360 gpu is clearly more capable .

yanikins1113880d ago

if gears 2 isnt universally acclaimed to look better than uncharted, your gonna look kinda dumb....

aslucher3880d ago

the PS3 Cell can do graphic rendering and then send it on to the graphics card.. its why its more powerful

Varsarus3880d ago

The Cell can aid the RSX in many ways, it can process geometry, realistic animations, indirect lightning (KZ2 is doing this), can even do shaders on Cell.

However, the RSX & Xenos are pretty matched, the OpenGL update solved that, but the RSX is designed to use OpenGL to it's fullest, and OpenGL can do everything DirectX 10 can do and a whole lot lie, that's probably why Home and the exclusive games are being held up.

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