Backloggers Anonymous El Shaddai Part 2

PixlBit | "So, we wrapped up El Shaddai, and, for better and for worse, our expectations were pretty spot on. As you might imagine considering our previous podcast, stuff got deep again. We also had some theories and conjecture about a lot of the messages and artistic choices present in the game. Even if El Shaddai ended up not being for you, we hope you'll listen anyway to see what we took away from it."

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BullyMangler3109d ago

This game is freaking rad . it has its hiccups like certain pathetic bosses, but in the end i was left wanting more . . so imaginative so elegant and the move sets and weapons found in this game are celestial . . i give this game a 9.5 - 9.7

GTA is trash when compared.

no_more_heroes3109d ago

Riiiiight, I DO have this game in my backlog, don't I?

Need to get back to it one of these days.

AlphaNerd19803107d ago

And then listen along and see what you think!