VideoGamer Review: Neves

VideoGamer writes: "Have you ever noticed that as the world develops, technology advances, and consumer goods get cheaper... that the gifts in Christmas crackers are still as crap as they've ever been? I mean, when I was about six years old, finding a small pack of colouring pencils, or a half-size plastic comb in amongst the debris of paper hats and rubbish jokes that fell out of one of these festive fireworks might've been vaguely exciting, but now, twenty (something) years on, when advances in vacuum-forming technology and cheap foreign labour have brought us to a point where kid's comics are giving away handheld remote-control cars on the cover, and daily newspapers come with a free DVD, why is it that crackers, which seem to have increased exponentially in price over the years, still have the same cheap plastic tat in them?! I'll tell you why: because the people who make them know that we'll still buy them, even if the gifts are terrible, that's why! Well not me bucko! Not anymore! Do you hear me?!"

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