Pachter: PS3 to Win the GTA IV War

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter thinks the release of Grand Theft Auto IV will drive PlayStation 3 adoption more than Xbox 360 buying, and he's not alone.

"I think PS3 'wins' this battle," Pachter told Reuters. He said that if sales of Take-Two's GTA IV come in at the high end of the 9-12.5 million unit estimates during 2008, the game will directly drive sales of two million additional PS3s this year, compared to one million Xbox 360s.

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TrevorPhillips3827d ago

far out there both the same ok get over it! as long as people enjoy it on both console thats it geese

fusionboxer3827d ago

blowing this way out of proportion. In reality it's no big deal, but if I had to put my two cents in then i'd say the 360 version will sell more then the ps3 version, but the ps3 will get more hardware sales worldwide because of GTA. Nothing surprising, but I don't know why i'm even saying anything anyway because i'm not getting the game opening day anyway.

I'll still be playing the MGO beta and to tell yall the truth i'm currently heavily addicted to GT prologue... Crazy world we live in huh?

Lifendz3827d ago

his prediction are seldom right. He's like the videogame industry's version of Mel Kiper. I just want those May NPDs. Once we have those we'll all know exactly which side benefited the most.

PSN ID: Lifendz

I'll have it at launch.

znu3826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

ok this is crap

now n4g is turning into fanboy pit

Undercover Agent just posted a 100% unfanboy and perfectly down the middle comment and he's being disagreed with!

the sad thing is when u post lke that(as i do) u get disagrees from both sides rather than just one set of fanboys, u get two.

we need to change n4g, everyone always says that there should be no fanboys but when it comes down to it, all u do is disagree if it has to do with ur opposite system

and to the guys above, why didnt u agree with him even though in your comment u said u agreed?

CBaoth3826d ago

More like that goof Todd McShay.

gaffyh3826d ago

I agree with him to a certain extent, but he has been wrong before. I think PS3 will et more sales especially initially

Lifendz3826d ago

Mel Kiper is hardly ever right. In fact, Espn stated he's right only 26% of the time.

jessupj3826d ago

...and yet again the correct gramma is "I could NOT care less". Note the 'not' in the statement. It doesn't make sense when you say "I could care less". Think about what you're saying. If you still don't understand what you're doing wrong I'd be happy to explain it for you :)

I honestly have no idea who is going to come out on top. It will be very interesting to see after the bloody battles and cat fights.

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THC CELL3827d ago

PS3 will win but but but DLC failed HAHHAHA lol

X box u suck

Ps3 for the win

Rockstar should just quit on X box give there money back cause there wasting there time

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13827d ago (Edited 3827d ago )

They have spent all the money on [D]rugs [L]ager & [C]utiePies!!!

p.s Have you notices how nearly all PlayStation fans on this have lost there good bubbles??? Some xBot Lemming has 1million accounts i bet.

DiLeCtioN3827d ago

i think GTA made its name on Playstation brand, its been released more times on it and aslo the fans that think of GTA think of Playstation imo but this gen is different so i recon the game will benifit both consoles.

Happy gaming on GTA IV.

Iamback3827d ago

DLC failed just like Vista buahahahahahah now die 360 DIE!!!!!!!!!!
(took away 3 bubbles at once, want me to be brainless fanboy? You wish is my command)
Eat sh!t of a sick horse xbots, hahaha you got owned PS3 FTW 360 and Wii can give BJ to PS3, together, at the same time, you know stereo!

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