Playstation Camera: To be, or not to be.

What will determine the fate of the new PlayStation camera? After it’s exclusion for a more desirable price tag, I have often wondered if it will be another “dud”, or could it pick up some momentum after Sony released a few needed titles. As for the Kinnect 2.0, there will be plenty of developer support being that it is sold with every Xbox one console. But Sony’s offering is not, and it will require..

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Chaostar2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

The assumption that there will be plenty of developer support for kinect just because it's included in the box has always grinded with me a little.

The six-axis was included in every box and you didn't see developers jumping at the chance to include features for it, not outside of first party at least.

My guess is that, at least with third party games, you'll see something similar to this gen. A handful of games including gimmicky features just to get that "better with kinect" sticker. Ultimately if it can't also be done on other platforms then multi-plat developers will avoid it like the plague, after all, why narrow your audience for such things?

Mustang300C20122944d ago

I love the same tired ass comparison about Kinect vs six-axis.

Chaostar2944d ago

Both a method of motion input.

Both included in the box.

Both Only used for minor features in some AAA games.

Both can be used to completely replace traditional input in a handful of games i.e. Flower, Flow, Kinectimals.

Seems like a valid comparison for my point, which was that being included in the box doesn't guarantee third party support.

MasterCornholio2944d ago

From what I've read the touchpad on the DS4 is more useful than Kinecy for gaming. In a recent preview of Diablo 3 for the PS4 they said that with the touchpad you could hotswap inventory combinations while playing the game. Its also used for scrolling in menus which is a lot more intuitive than using the analog sticks. I have no idea what the clickable button does in the game though.

Nexus 7 2013

mikeslemonade2944d ago (Edited 2944d ago )

Why am I finding myself defending the X1 now..

The sixaxis was a very limited technology compared to the Kinect. It doesn't know where you are and you have constantly reset the controller if you tilt the controller too far. I had some fun using it with Motorstorm when it launched though.

And Chaostar you are wrong again saying the sixaxis wasn't used that much at launch. It was implemented into plenty of games before it started becoming phased out completely. The feature was used mainly to do simplistic actions that would normally be done with a button press. It was used for driving games, to melee, to balance your chracter etc.

Regardless I think the PS4 camera won't be the center focus on gaming. It may gain some popularity with some killer apps. I'm still waiting for a Fight Night Round X boxing game using camera support.

With the Kinect 2.0 for X1, I just don't think the X1 will sell enough systems for Microsoft to really make the Kinect take off.

Gazondaily2944d ago

Are you actually comparing Kinect with the SixAxis??

The Kinect plays a far more instrumental role than the SixAxis functionality ever did. The latter was a last minute attempt to replicate Nintendo's idea. The Kinect, not only has SEVERAL supplementary features it is a core element of the design philosophy of the Xbox One.

Chaostar2943d ago

@mikeslemonade, septic - I was never comparing the technologies on any kind of technical level, the only comparisons I made are in my previous comment and those are facts. My point (once again) which you both seem to have missed is that including something in the box doesn't guarantee THIRD PARTY support.

I'm well aware they are completely different, with different levels of integration and support from the manufacturer but (one last time) it doesn't mean third parties will bother with it beyond a few gimmicky features.

Sorry if this sounds condescending, I really didn't mean it like that, I'm just trying to make my point clear as it seems to have slipped by a few people.

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skoorydook2944d ago

Thats a good point regarding 3rd party devs.

Why is kinect mandatory I don't get that, surely if its such a game changer then if it was optional then everyone would buy it anyway

Sitdown2944d ago

Do you purchase everything in life that is a game changer?

JimmyLmao2944d ago

yep you're right... unless every PS4 and Xbox One has a camera... developers wont really use it... especially when a majority of people dont want motion gaming features at all

Blaze9292943d ago

ps4 camera will be a fialure just like every other playstation accessory that comes out. Sony fans like to play by track records for believing in exclusive games so look at the track record of accessories Sony puts out for PlayStation that NEVER take off.

Why? because it's optional. People may complain now but MS made the right move including Kinect with every xbox one. Instead of what ifs and devs spending time trying to guess how many kinects are being used and bought, they KNOW literally everyone has one now and can plan accordingly.

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SaveFerris2944d ago

I don't get the last part of the article. Why do I need the camera to stream the game? I thought the share button did that?

The camera needs games, like Until Dawn or Outlast.

Chaostar2943d ago

The camera is only needed if you want to stream an image of yourself while playing.


SaveFerris2943d ago

Gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up. +bub

BG115792944d ago

I don't know yet if I'm going to buy it or not, but it's good to have the choice.

Lwhit62943d ago

I like the idea of having a camera so I can fool around on it with family at Thanksgiving. I like being able to Skype. I also like voice commands (given that they actually work).

If the Eye incorporated something like scanning PSN cards into it, then I would be even more intrigued. Honestly being able to scan Xbox Live cards is a very useful and time-saving additon.
Right now it's just a matter of do I want/need these features. Really glad that I actually have a choice.

Bennibop2944d ago

I have bought the ps4 camera ( never bought the kinect for my xbox) as I can see potential benefits now, gesture and voice control I am not bothered about but the interaction with the dual shock 4 I can see being of real benefit for cover and shoot picking up items etc making games that little more immersive without me flailing around in front of the tv.

SniperControl2944d ago

I wanted KZ:SF and two controllers, turns out the KZ:SF bundle with two controllers and PS Eye is cheaper than buying all separately, makes sense.

Also my little lad loves move, so a bonus for him.

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