How The Last Generation Changed JRPGs For The Better

Kotaku - "When Team Kotaku first started planning out our Last-Gen Heroes feature, I started thinking about how JRPGs have evolved over the past generation—a generation that some would argue has been disastrous for the genre. Between a polarizing thirteenth Final Fantasy, a number of forgettable slogs like Infinite Undiscovery and some alarming ventures in the world of free-to-play, the Wii-Xbox360-PS3 era seemed more than a little scary for JRPG fans."

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Cueil1807d ago

Lost Odyssey > all other JRPG

baraka0071807d ago

Yeah I agree. Back in 2007 there was folklore on ps3 and lost odyssey on xbox. I thought those two were the start of something good for both consoles but it wasn't to be I guess.

HelpfulGamer1807d ago

ARM Architecture Softwares (Source-Code, Plugins, Game-Engine, Tools) is more readily available, at far cheaper price that make Game development much easier than Wii-Xbox360-PS3 PowerPC architecture.

Its not Hardware that makes game development easier, its Software, just as Sony's PhyreGameEngine did to solve the Complex Cell Architecture that scares away many JRPG developer to mobile.

Its Software, that makes the difference. I hope Sony PhyreEngine 4.0 is a key to revive JRPG on Playstation.

Hicken1807d ago

For me, Valkyria Chronicles and Tales of Xillia top it. It's a close race, though.

Despite common notions, there were quite a few standout JRPGs on consoles this gen. many of them just didn't get the exposure they deserved.

Cueil1807d ago

neither of those are traditional JRPG either and none have immortal characters or the same kind of emotional story telling... the dream notes were some of the best writing ever to this day

Hicken1807d ago

"Traditional," you say, but JRPGs come in so many varieties, that hardly has meaning. Plus, you didn't specify it had to be a "traditional" JRPG, anyway. And how would Xillia not count?

Furthermore, what do immortals have to do with anything? I mean, do games with immortals score more points?

Don't get me wrong, I think Lost Odyssey is awesome. It's one of two games I own for 360(which I don't actually have one of). But the story in VC, in particular, gripped me like nothing has since Persona 3.

Cueil1806d ago

still think story and story background in LO was heads and shoulders above... especially the background story and how it was told... at times I got dust in my eyes because of it >_> .... <_< .... ah eff it I teared up...

Reaper99371807d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles is the best JRPG of this generation.

tiffac0081807d ago

Only if most of the popular ones are getting localized and not getting stuck in Japan.