Shin'en contradicts downgrade rumor

Shin'en responded to the rumor that the Wii U received a downgrade in later devkits.

Shin'en: "Our devkits replacements got faster."

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lilbroRx3375d ago

I'm glad they responded before this got out of hand.

MasterCornholio3374d ago

Microsoft can learn a lot from Nintendo when it comes to dealing with rumors.

Nexus 7 2013

Dehnus3374d ago

How could it have gotten out of hand? My Wii U becomes nothing less enjoyable from knowing this. I already know it can't beat an XbOne or a PS4 in raw power. So why would it matter to me if the games are great, I'm having a lot of fun and the graphics are more then decent? :).

lilbroRx3374d ago

If the world revolved around you, that would be fine. But it doesn't.

When others hear these negative rumors and believe them, it turns them off of buying the console and convinces them to turn other off of buying the console.

This leads to less consoles/software bought. That leads to less support. This leads to lower quality games and smaller amounts of games.

That is only one potential problem that arises from this.

Then you have other such as new devs wanting to avoid the console for preconceived problems. If you here a console is hard to work with, you might not want to work on it and go another route. If you here a console is no popular, you may want to avoid taking the risk of developing for it.

The world doesn't revolve around just you and your interests.

Dehnus3374d ago

I'm just saying that some rumour about "OMG POWER" shouldn't be a problem to an existing system that never was intended for "RAW POWER RAAAAH" anyway.

If you want that, go buy a PC. Sorry to be so harsh, but really you know from the start that the Wii U was never intended as a console with a lot of "Raw Power". Smart power.... sure... but Raw power.. nope.

iplay1up23375d ago

Shin'en makes some pretty fun games,I hope they release another racing game, and Jet Rocket. Jet Rocket is pretty fun. Wii U NEEDS a 3D open world platformer, hell I would even go for a HD Mario 64 or even Sunshine, but something new from the ground up would be even better, the only problem is that will take too long. If they can make WWHD in 8 Months I am sure they can knock out a couple HD remakes in no time. HURRY UP NINTENDO :)

Venoxn4g3375d ago

actually they will release a racing game for Wii U, a Fast Racing league Neo

R00bot3374d ago

Yeah, and the thumbnail is actually an in engine shot of the game running on the Wii U (just no background yet).

The game will be beautiful.

triforce793375d ago

Yes and devkits at present are not the most powerful versions as Iwata stated in feb 2013....

triforce793374d ago

It's an outright lie not rumour,just like the misconception of wiiu's power ect ect,Iwata clears these things up all the time and no1 listens ????

triforce793374d ago

Basically expect more rumours like this now we are getting close to ps4 launch Sony will be shivering with Mario 3D WORLD looking amazing and WiiU picking up steam...