Why Gamers (And Developers) Will Love the PlayStation 4

TOKYO — A gaming console is only as good as the games you can play on it, and Sony went all-out to ensure the PlayStation 4 gets the best. In this video, lead system architect Mark Cerny joins Sony Computer Entertainment execs Andrew House and Shuhei Yoshida to explain how the PS4 will make it easier for developers to create amazing games and leave gamers drooling over the graphics and gameplay.

abzdine3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

amazing video..
and the second one when he dismantles PS4 is really cool!

Greatness awaits

The Killer3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

i think ps4 will have similar success to ps2. especially if sony tries to secure exclusives or time exclusives.

btw, does the ps4 have backward compatibility with ps3 games?

rela82me3675d ago

No, only maybe with Gaikai

soljah3676d ago

video is very well done.
i like how there is no hype out of the mouths of the sony execs, pretty honest when talking about the ps3 and changes that resulted for the ps4.
notice the focus was on games and games only. i like that!!

chrissx3676d ago

We Gamers do love the Ps4

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Mark Cerny talks Dolby Atmos support for PlayStation 5

Mark Cerny talks to Digital Foundry about how Dolby Atmos support made its way to PlayStation 5.

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crazyCoconuts109d ago

Cerny points out the advantage that DF keeps referring to as a disadvantage. Developers don't need to do anything special to have overhead sounds mapped to height speakers. It's all built in and processed lag free on existing and future PS5 games. This is obviously a superior approach imo as it works with virtually any speaker configuration.

109d ago Replies(2)
neutralgamer1992109d ago

DF have been very negative when it comes to PlayStation. Very nit-picky

ABizzel1108d ago

I like DF, but they’re starting to let personal bias seep into their talking points especially John, and the others are being occasional followers just to be non-confrontational.

just_looken108d ago

Its just like the ps3 or any receiver over 8yrs old

2015 ps3 had support then got updated

Man the ps5 is digging up the past to reveal its new hey are they going to have a menu next with native 7.1 audio support like my 2006 motor storm edtion ps3?.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 108d ago
Azfargh109d ago

I see what you did there. Clever

kythlyn108d ago

I have an Atmos setup and in my case it definitely introduces some audio lag... probably around 10-20ms. The game I always use to test this sort of thing is Stray because of the dedicated meow button triggering the sound out of the Dual Sense. Makes it really easy to perceive a lack of audio sync. There's only one setting on PS5 that doesn't produce audio lag (at least with my setup), and that is Linear PCM.

fr0sty108d ago

So you are able to tell 1 frame of latency at 60fps, you're saying...

kythlyn108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

To fr0sty... yes? Not everyone will notice it, but people with trained ears such as musicians definitely will.

Reaper22_108d ago

The truth is that Atmos is superior. Plain and simple. The devil prefer it over what sony is providing. It's the standard for games, movies and music.

DarthZoolu108d ago

It’s definitely the leader of the industry right now

crazyCoconuts108d ago

And what about the PS5 implementation being discussed is NOT Atmos?

Reaper22_108d ago

Only DTS:X is on on par with atmos. I understand Sony wanting to use their own but Atmos is superior which is why is used throughout the entertainment industry.

crazyCoconuts108d ago

I'm trying to point out to you: PS5 is using Atmos. That's the whole point of this firmware update

fr0sty108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

From a hardware perspective, Atmos' 7.1.4 setup is indeed superior, but the software side of Atmos is far from superior. Dolby Atmos games (ISF) supports 32 objects and this is used in a 7.1.4 basebed + 20 dynamic object configuration most of the time. PS5's Tempest audio supports 100 dynamic objects, so it actually has to downmix the audio, dropping 68 objects in the process, to make it work properly over Atmos.