Destructoid- Dead Rising 3: One hell of a comeback

DT:I'm very happy that Dead Rising 3 turned out this well. Series fans should know that it's so much better than Dead Rising 2. For me, it is the most satisfying of the Xbox One launch games. I love how you can get lost in its massive sandbox for as long as you'd like, and then jump back into progressing the story when you're ready. It's all laid out for you to have fun with, with nothing to get in your way.

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DarkLordMalik1807d ago

I saw the opening 20 minutes and loved every minute of it. I had hoped that the game was technically as good as it is gameplay wise but, oh well....

darthv721807d ago

Since seeing the reveal trailer, my son has been all over this game and bugging me to get an xb1. We have all the other games in the DR series (including chop till you drop on the wii) and he has been anxiously waiting for this game to come out.

all in due time son...all in due time.

NewMonday1807d ago

isn't he too young for this kind of game?

darthv721807d ago

I would rather him play a game of beating up zombies than a game of beating up hookers.

Kyosuke_Sanada1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

@ Darthv72

They are both dead on the inside anyway.....

MightyNoX1807d ago

I DID say Dead Rising 2 wasn't that worthy a successor. Got Disagrees for some odd reason. :(

mightyhokie1807d ago

I didn't really care for DR1. It was okay but not wow. I LOVED DR2. I guess it was the fun discovery of the crafting items. Great stuff. I liked Chuck and his daughter. I thought it was a lot of fun. But hey different strokes for different folks. I have preordered Ryse but am now skeptical. I think I'm going to switch to DR3 now.

NiteX1807d ago

I liked DR 2 more as well.

Kran1807d ago

Saw IGN's 25 minute video and from that it looked awesome.

Convinced me to play DR2 which I bought on Steam in a sale =]

Not a bad game. DR3 looks like a step up though. DR2 feels clunky :/

JsonHenry1807d ago

My thoughts as well. The controls/combat felt like something out of the PS1 era. Other than the time limit, which I hated because I always felt rushed, I thought that DR2 was an amazing game. I played through it on Steam with a friend and loved every second of it.

Studio-YaMi1807d ago

It really is,the gameplay is solid with so many combinations in weapons and cars!

It will be lots of fun to play I'm sure.

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