Xbox One Dev Capy Games “No ESRAM Bottlenecks”

The dev behind Super Time Force and the Xbox One title Below talks about Capy Games' time with the Xbox One hardware

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theBAWSE1833d ago

who do they think they are fooling? honestly

Enemy1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

The actual quote.

“Look, we’re not pushing polygon counts like a lot of the big devs. We’re likely not taking the hardware to it’s breaking point with Below. It took us quite a while to make our way through all of the documentation, but we’ve really enjoyed working on the Xbox One platform. We’ve had no ESRAM bottlenecks.”

Look at their game, lol. Gee, I wonder why they're not having ESRAM bottlenecks.

theBAWSE1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

this new generation gamers are soo clued up that when you read bull you actually think... this isn't 2006..the PR bull won't work now..

I don't think it's the issue that the xbone is weaker it's the issue that the PR crew haven't realised it's nearly 2014..information is everywhere, don't try fool us it just breeds anger (Albert realised that on neogaf and twitter), be straight with us and we will respect you for that.

even the most hardened xbox fanboys must cringe when they see headlines like this

NewMonday1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

this game can run on the Super Nintendo, so that's not saying much.

Mr Pumblechook1833d ago

Well said. The fanboy title of the article is click bait. The indie developer is basically saying that their game is not one that pushes the hardware so they haven't encountered such bottlenecks.

However when you have developers of triple-A games saying that they have Non Disclosure Agreements from talking about the spec differences then you know something suspicious is going on.

MasterCornholio1833d ago

I'm guessing that a lot of indie developers won't run into bottlenecks on the Xbox One due to their games not containing a complex level of visuals.

Nexus 7 2013

Dehnus1833d ago

Or you overreact and there is really no bottleneck relating to ESRAM. There are always bottlenecks, yes also in the PS4, as when you remove a bottleneck something else will prevent the system from being faster, it is a never ending cycle as the perfectly balanced system doesn't exist (It also depends on your code for instance).

That said I can see that ESRAM in itself is not the bottleneck, it is really a little patch on the bandwidth wound that the Xbox One has. The bottleneck is somewhere else, like the bandwidth to the DDR3 memory.

Do not confuse "ease of development" with bottlenecks. Many developers stated that ESRAM makes it harder to develop rather then easier, this is not a bottleneck though, it just means that the actual bottleneck is hard to avoid because ESRAM is a pain to use as a fix for that bottleneck.

As for your "Oh be honest with us we are sooo enlightened" remark: Bullshit, if you demand the actual architect of the hardware to come on GAF or you throw a tantrum? Then you are entitled! As that is what they did and demanded.

That man and his peers are busy enough at Sony, MS and even still at Nintendo. The former 2 have a big console launch coming up and they just can't spare the time, even talking to Mister Panello (is that how you spell his name?) would already be a "Waste of time for them right now". Even after the launch of a console, these people keep busy. They are building and helping to build the tools, so they improve what they already build before the launch and even already think about the next machine. So at Nintendo these people are also still very busy.

They really just don't have time to write on a self entitled bunch of Sony Pony's webpage named "NeoGaf" and to hear over and over again "LOL YOU ARE A FAILURE! <Insert randome meme + Gif animation of Kaz Hirai >". While they try their best to explain why they designed the hardware as they did (It isn't as easy as the GAF experts think it is).

So weather it is a Sony, MS or Nintendo engineer, they really have better things to do then to bother with forums. If they do show up on those forums then you should be quiet and listen. Until they are done... after that you can tear their claims apart with the utmost scrutiny!

As for NeoGaf itsself, no matter who talked to them they would have started a circlejerk. One of their mods is a rabid Sony Pony and kicked everybody that had a positive Xbox view as a "shil". Even those that just said "Well let's just wait and see". There is thus no way a message with a hardware architect would have gone respectful and serious there. It would have been one big circle jerk of Cerny Gifs, "DAT BALANCE!" and "Have you seen titan fall". While each person trying to ask a question or having a discussion from a non biased or XBOT stance would be banned.

So in short: Mister Panello didn't try to :"fool" you, I think he genuinely tried to be a good representative and repeated what was told to him. But the people telling him what the machine does and why, are very busy. Even to talk with him. Sadly the man got the wrong information or misunderstood what was said. That is no crime, that happens.

PS: Mister Cerny is no Hardware Architect. The man is brilliant the man is a fantastic game designer, but I'm talking about the people that work on the chips themselves, their power usage and thermal footprint. They are the ones where Mister Cerny tells what he wants and make it happen. The same goes for Microsoft.

So I have a lot of respect for those people from any camp.

Volkama1833d ago

We've had weeks and months of barely known indie devs saying how powerful and easy the PS4 is and I don't think I've seen any of you posting the same dismissive remarks in those articles.

What's different about this one?

christocolus1833d ago


dude for real? still spreading your bias across more xbx articles? really?

mewhy321833d ago

"Capy isn’t going to be looking to create absurdly crisp, photorealistic visuals"

No wonder their not having any bottlenecks. This article posting was just a desperate attempt to try and put some desperate spin on the inferiority of the xbone that we've been reading about for weeks now.

UltimateMaster1833d ago

Xbox One fans will rejoice.
An indie game that could have run perfectly on the SNES will also run flawlessly on the Xbox One without bottlenecks.

Seriously, it's almost like they are admitting they are running into bottlenecks.

GraveLord1833d ago

Yeah, title is misleading.

Eonjay1832d ago

The bottleneck is exactly 32MB in size.

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bornsinner1833d ago

@theBAWSE they are trying to fool the typical sony fanboy since specs is always on their mind they forgot that a pc can do circles round a ps4

Enemy1833d ago

That post makes no sense.

reko1833d ago


but you play on xbox..?

MysticStrummer1833d ago

"they forgot that a pc can do circles round a ps4"

I can only speak for myself, but as a confirmed PS fanboy I never forgot that PC is more powerful. I just don't care, because I've tried PC gaming more than once and it wasn't for me.

Bathyj1833d ago

Mystic, that's what irritates the pc elite. We know it's more powerful, but we just don't care.

Ju1833d ago

Hm..."PC"...hey, I got a must run [email protected][voice of Spongebob] - two minutes later: Damn, can't get a stable frame rate. Let me switch this off, and this. Oh, lets "configure" the visual settings. Oh, and that damn controller doesn't work. Ok, why is that damn button on that key....

You mean, something like that?

Hm...PS4: Insert Disk. Play. (or select game and play - if you have a digital version). Done

AndrewLB1833d ago

Yea. You just don't care... until the first opportunity to make outlandish claims about how (insert game name here) beats out the PC version or how "is just as good".

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GribbleGrunger1833d ago

This is the same developer that said on a recent gametrailers Bonus Round that the X1 was the place to go for Indie games.

Volkama1833d ago

Give it a year or two and it may well be as far as consoles go. It's not about to overtake iOS or Android platforms though.

mkis0071833d ago

Seeings how a lot of indies just feel burned by MS, I don't see them chomping at the bit to go back there. Sony had been courting them for a long time, and Ms just didn't care until their policies changes all of a sudden. it wasn't even a gradual change. It was just, oh ok today we are liking indies again.

LordMaim1833d ago

Ah, so a shill. We should sit him down with all the other indie developers that are fleeing from Microsoft with the exact opposite story.

GamersRulz1833d ago

They are talking about their game, very simple indie game. so their statement is not far from true.

LordMaim1833d ago

True, agreed. But still misleading.

christocolus1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )


definitly not you, but what does it matter to you and your like?you aint getting the xbx one so whats your deal with being so ignorant and trolling every xbx article?...leave it to the xbx fans to worry about it and do yourself a favor and stop being a busy body....yourself and enemy etc cant just help yourselves from being so pathetic, you are some of the wprst ive seen.. does it hurt you so much to see any good news on the xbx side? dude grow up and if you have nothing meaningful to contribute then get the hell out of xbx comment sections and put more attention into your ps guys are so full of bs......damn.

TristanPR771833d ago

That kind of article is targeted to fool xbox fanboys. Everyone else on the Internet knows they are lying. With numerous reports from different websites speaking about ESRAM bottlenecks this article seems to be for damage control.

DOMination-1833d ago

Honestly, I believe some professional developers with devkits know a lot more than a troll on a games forum who has almost certainly zero knowledge on the subject at hand

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AirHype1833d ago

Duh... It's like saying you have a high-end GPU if you can run Minecraft. lol

MRMagoo1231833d ago

I get what you mean and i agree ...............but minecraft can crash any video card given enough tnt blowing up at once lol

staticdash221833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Misleading title. This is about Below specifically not having bottlenecks due to it not being taxing on the hardware. A Developer pushing the hardware would experience bottlenecks. This is common knowledge, the writer obviously trying to pour out the fire.

MRMagoo1231833d ago

lol its not even closs to getting the straws its trying to grasp , xboners really are desperate it seems huh.

jackanderson19851833d ago

it's not really... they're an xbox one dev called capy games and they've had no esram bottlenecks

Hicken1833d ago

It IS misleading, because the title would have you believe that no bottlenecks exist, rather than that this one developer hasn't run into a bottleneck, yet.

GamerXD1833d ago

Below got lame graphics.

MRMagoo1231833d ago

Hey im making a text based rpg on the xbox one im only using 128k of memory but i havent seen any bottlenecks with the ram yet lmfao.

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