PS4 'light years ahead of anything else we have seen in the console industry,' says indie dev

Grip Games,who have worked with PS3 and Vita and who is currently working on a PS4 game, talk about its experience with Sony's next-gen machine.

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GarrusVakarian1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Awesome to see all these different developers praising the PS4. Makes me even more satisfied with my pre-order than i already was seeing it getting praise from professionals who work with it everyday.

allformats1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )


GarrusVakarian1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

November the 29th for me :(


Yeah i agree, they couldn't have made a better decision asking devs what they wanted. Made it better for devs and better for us at the same time.

Ezz20131681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

i really lost count of all the developers who are saying nothing but praise about ps4

not a single developer saying other wise
sony was smart for asking the developers what specs they want in PS4 hardware

abzdine1681d ago

i want that monster, NOW!!!

sincitysir11681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I love indie developers and their games. They honestly make some of the best games because its dedication that fuel them! Not saying big budget games aren't great but indies have a lot more freedom to express themselves! Lone survivor. Velocity ultra. Super stardust. Mutant blob. Hotline. Resogun. Flow. Flower. Journey. Limbo. Machinarium. I could honestly go on and on.

meatysausage1681d ago

Remember, remember the 15th of November,
But unfortunately I have to wait another 2 weeks on top of that

strifeblade1681d ago

awesome , lets not respect john carmack, lets respect random indie dev.

Super awesome guys this is real classy. Support anytthing that agrees with our fanboy logic.

Ezz20131681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )


1.Off topic

2.this is not just a random Developer and he's not the only developer saying that
here more for you

3. carmak didn't say anything bad about ps4...did he ?!
also can YOU prove other wise, MR. logic ?!
plz tell us what's wrong with ps4 and why every one should disagree with those developers?!

and yes, i don't respect him for alot of reasons of my own

Braid1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I have no doubt it's a faster, more powerfull machine and that's one of the main reasons why I'll be choosing PS4 over its competitors (along with great exclusives), but I have to be honest here- "lightyears ahead" sounds like an overstatement to me as I fail to see some visual difference of a "lightyear" between next-gen and old-gen games. Sure they look great, but not that great.

It's a good thing devs are praising the hardware, though.

TheDevKit1681d ago

Please stop using hashtags.

UltimateMaster1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Not sure how an indie developer would convince me that it's light years ahead of it's time.

It was the case for the PS2 that was much faster than PCs at the time.

But again, not many PC GPU has 8Gb of GDDR5 built to increase graphics, not for software TV shit like Xbox One.

For Games: PS4 >> Xbox One.
For kinect motion shit and TV: Toilet > Xbox One.

nukeitall1680d ago


I couldn't agree more!

No indie developer with limited access to perhaps one console, let alone the ability, technical skills or even resources there to exploit the full power of a console.

At best of what I have seen, indie games are Wii graphics quality and complexity games.

It might be the most powerful to you, since you have seen anything else.

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Angainor71681d ago

Yeah but all these great different developers have something in common. They are all under Sony's payroll. Wake me up when you hear such statement from a "big" developer/publisher...

meatysausage1681d ago

They are Indie Devs, there not associated with anyone. They can make games for whatever consoles, they just happen to all agree that PS4 is great to develop on

WarThunder1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Do you know what indie means?
Indie dev mean independent developers

DO you know what independent means?
It means,Not influenced or controlled by others

So basically they are NOT under Sony's payroll. Now go back to school...

I rather have Indie developers opinion than a "big" developer/publisher opinion who only care about $$$...

liquidsnake1681d ago

That's the exact opposite of what you said. Indie means indapendent wich in turn means that they are not controlled by any publisher/coorporation. They are free to say and do whatever they want.

Clarence1681d ago

What about the other big developers who are saying the same thing about the ps4?

Plus indie means independent smart guy.

4Sh0w1681d ago

Warthunder I'm sure the ps4 is a great console but you and anybody who believes that just because a dev is called a indie they are "Not influenced or controlled by others" is foolish, check this right after the headline it says:

"Grip Games,who have worked with PS3 and Vita and who is currently working on a PS4 game"

Yep thats influence right there because its in their best interest to praise sony since they have a game coming to the platform. Also I keep hearing "all the devs" praise ps4 yet all I've seen are a few sites referencing "annoymous sources", or john blow who hates micro, or rumors or devs praising both. Any links to a indie dev or any dev working on both who has said one is much better than the other? Links and qoutes please.

NeoTribe1681d ago

indie is independent... Xbox gets indies also.

Ezz20131681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

did you read this ?!
those are few of them
Indie Developers don't work exclusively to sony

since the offical specs are out
show how much more powerful ps4 is in both GPU and RAM
no rumors any thing
it's a simple FACT that ps4 hardware more powerful console and the best part about it is how how easy to develop on it
and not one single developer saying otherwise about PS4 since that what developers asked for
so, Let me ask you this
can you tell me what disadvantages ps4 have or why should developers say otherwise than what was said?!

because no one can find any thing but hardware advantages in ps4 favor

LordDhampire1681d ago

Your not going to hear anything like that from a big developer because they don't want to step on any it sony or microsofts there are big repercussions for praising a specific side, especially if its against microsoft

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1680d ago

Seriously.. Oh really? A dev working on PS2 and PSP/Vita games is saying something nice about the PS4?

Color me shocked.

DigitalAnalog1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )


What's this? An Xbox apologist trying to find issues to anyone supporting Sony? Color me SURPRISED! Definitely on MS payroll for sure. Right?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1680d ago

I wish I was on the MS payroll. Or Sony's.. .it would help me pay for the PS4 or X1 I'm giving away at my own cost.

DigitalAnalog1680d ago

^^^I think you kinda missed the point I was trying to make. But to clarify, you don't really need to be on someone's "payroll" to support a company. Just take a look at N4G.

pete0071680d ago

What else do you expect from someone only working for sony?
Give them an xbox and they wont even know what to do with.
And i guess with all the delays, they stoped with the easiest platform to develop to crap only psfbz believe

Army_of_Darkness1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )


You just made yourself look like an idiot. .. an independent idiot at that ;-)

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DonFreezer1681d ago

Well that's why they have all those indie games.Now I get it. Microsoft gets support from aaa devs and that's why they can't make everyone speak of the truth. On the other hand Sony supports indie devs and pays/money hats them so that they can spread their lies.All that's left is EA telling us that the PS4 is more powerful than a GTX 780ti desktop.

sincitysir11681d ago

Relax. If it upsets u so much don't read so much into it. Jeez tigger

liquidsnake1681d ago

Someones emotions are out of control.

Kayant1681d ago

Right because people won't be able to play Fifa 14, BF4, AC4, etc on PS4..... oh wait...

CGI-Quality1681d ago

You really don't know what you're talking about.

OT: Praise, praise, praise. All I hear from DEVS, not just Indie developers (who will also receive my respect as, because they are working hard to bring the goods, as well).

Brix901681d ago

I guess Sonys paying PC developers for praise too...huh? lol

Freedomland1680d ago


You will find out soon enough but at that time you won't have money to buy PS4 because you already spent it on X1 so please come to your senses and break free out of your frenzish delusion.

AceofStaves1680d ago

PS4 will be getting AAA titles as well. It's not as if Sony has reduced the number of AAA titles it will release on the platform. Instead, it has forged strong relationships with small-team, independent devs to ensure a constant flow of new content.

Having a strong stable of indie games isn't a negative for PS4. It's a positive.

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Saviour1681d ago

I havn't seen any light year game which is better than Ryse, Forza? maybe they time travel and confused ps200 with ps4.

MysticStrummer1681d ago

"I havn't seen any light year game which is better than Ryse"

You're certainly welcome to your opinion, but it's a weird one in my view.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1680d ago

That's because sony doesn't blow their load on launch lineups and forget about the future.

I bet you a hundred dollars to a bucket of sh#t that rsye is pretty much it for x1(just like gears for 360) with minor improvement in the future (better hope that cloudz is up and running by then).

And kzsf is gorgeous and plz stop saying forza the game does nothing next gen.

Only thing I can agree with is the lightyear thing until proven.

Pintheshadows1680d ago

Ryse and Forza are shamed equally by KZSF, Second Son, and The Order.

Just go and watch the trailers and gameplay and make a comment from an informed standpoint.

This isn't something where you can argue an opinion. Those three games are head and shoulders above what Ryse is doing for example in terms of effects, textures, lighting, animation. The misconstrued fact that the character models in Ryse are the most detailed ever. No, one of them is. The one whose back you will be staring at as you play. Honestly, Ryse is nothing special from a visual standpoint, it just looks like a good PC game. The lighting in Ryse doesn't look as good as in Crysis 3 on PC when you crank it).

Unless your eyes are broken all three of those games are far superior to everything on the Xbox One from a visual standpoint.

boneso821680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Has no one picked up on this yet?

A "light year" is a measurement of distance, not time... Stop making time travel references...

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mediate-this1681d ago

Indie devs, not really pushing any hardware hard.

DigitalRaptor1680d ago

Perhaps. Perhaps not. It really depends.

For example, RESOGUN. This game my look like a simple sidescrolling sh'mup, but it's not something that would be possible on current gen hardware, if you analyse its systems and what it's rendering during gameplay.

Elzer1681d ago

It's awesome to see "indie devs" praise ps4. Has nobody notice that 99.9% of devs that talk highly of the ps4 are Indies . Seems kind of fishy. Indie games of the ps4 don't even come close to the best games of last generation. "fact" so with that in mind indie dev's credibility of acknowledging strengths of a system is quite irrelevant if you ask me.... "Ask me."

wishingW3L1680d ago

because indies aren't held back by the PR team of game publishers. So they can do and express whatever opinion they want.

Sono4211680d ago

What are you trying to say exactly? That all indie devs conspired together to say PS4 is better? lol what? Listen to yourself.. your not making sense mate.. get off the Microsoft Koolaid and logic will come back to you naturally ;)

nosferatuzodd1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

yep thats what i like to hear, but read the story above this one Microsoft edge out Sony because of the cloud that the stupidest thing I've ever heard

dmeador1680d ago

These comments just fall into the bag of "overblown". Implying that nothing can touch it voids any creditably they had, even though people will jump on it as true if it falls in line with what they believe. They developed for the PS3, and from what I checked they have always been on the Sony train, so of course they are going to want to stay on the good graces of the company they depend on and have a relationship with.

They are also looking to get publicity from this, and it looks like its working

DigitalRaptor1680d ago

Make a list of all of those indie devs, investigate all of their previous ties to Sony, and if you come back with a list where the majority of those indie devs have worked with Sony on several projects before, you would actually have a point.

However, I could also probably name you about 10 developers off the bat that have never worked with Sony before and are praising both the hardware and the simple, no-barriers process that it takes to submit your game to a Sony platform for release.

"They are also looking to get publicity from this"

Get out of here. This is what all gamers believe - that because someone is talking about their games, it means they went out there and was looking for publicity. It's definitely not curious journalists going out there and contacting developers making games for a system that their site is covering. Definitely not. /s

boneso821680d ago

Are you saying the dev is making stuff up? Are you saying the PS4 is not the most powerful console made so far?

If you are then you must be smoking crack... Or sucking off Major Nelson!

ZombieKiller1680d ago

I agree, it is nice to hear someone other than an employee from Sony talk good about their system.

Can't say the same for the other guys...

Syntax-Error1680d ago

PS4 'light years ahead of anything else we have seen in the console industry,' says indie dev POSTED BY PSU.COM

Well of course

Hicken1680d ago

Because PSU.COM quoted themselves, as a developer, saying that...

Syntax-Error1679d ago

Says an idie developer to a PS website journalist. Do you think he would say that to an XBOXTREME.COM journalist?

madpuppy1680d ago

I have had my PS4 and KNACK paid off for a while now decided to add the camera and another controller, paid them off over the past few weeks....added Killzone:shadowfall, paid THAT off today and than added the PS4 Controller dock/charger. Man, I'm gonna' need help when I pick this up at 12:00AM On the 15th!!

bigfish1680d ago

Please define the meaning of light years relative to computer graphics speak?? How can you use a measure of distance to judge the aesthetic fidelity of an image?? please explain

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jonnyvito1681d ago

Seems a lot of the indies are loving PS4.

Dark_Legend1681d ago

I honestly dont understand why someone disagrees with you :D

CapsLocke1681d ago

"Indies" are no one, they being payed and they tell what they told to.

Idba1681d ago

Indie=Independent=Not under anyones payroll.

Haules1681d ago

I know MS fanboys are Stu**d but your ridiculously stu**d...

Learn what indie mean you MS tool.

Campy da Camper1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I think you might have a misunderstanding of what "indie" means. Hint: its the exact opposite of what you just said.

SoulSercher6201681d ago

Do you even know what indie means?

CapsLocke1681d ago

You all are so blindly naive, living with your pink glasses on and thinking the world is full of justice and good.

ZombieKiller1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

....and MicroSoft employees aren't paid to talk up their system?

...if we are all so naive, and such fanboys, then why are you here if this site is apparently predominantly Sony fans?

My pink glasses are telling me that Sony's PS4 is miles better than Microsofts ONE.....and with all their policies, the past treatment to fans, and all their PR bullshit, if you truly believe that MS is NOT like this, then I think you need a new set of pink specs.

Regardless of being a fan or not, it doesn't take a goddamn Helen Keller to see that the PS4 is the lesser of the 2 evils.

Silly gameAr1680d ago

What a pathetic way to think. Were indies no one when people were praising xboxlive games at the start of this gen? All we used to here is how awesome the downloadable games were on live.

Guess where most of those games came from? Indies.

boneso821680d ago


Your no one, what you say has far less weight than someone who is developing for and has actually used the console the article is relating too. Who's paying you for your N4G comments? No one, so you can make up whatever crap suits your agenda, and.... Oh look, you have done just that! Lol

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NatureOfLogic1681d ago

Sounds like PS4 is the console to have this holiday. How could any gamer miss out.