PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures Review [GameRevolution]

"After over thirty years, Pac-Man has become one of those characters that every generation has at least heard about, and more likely than not has played a game of. Thirty years. That's enough time to have determined, through the growing development of the "video game" as we know it, just what makes a great game great and an iconic character, well, iconic."

~ Kevin Schaller, GameRevolution

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acharlez1812d ago


Pac-man should not have a nose.

knifefight1812d ago

I'm surprised by the eyes too. I could probably deal with them if they were done in a different style, but THOSE...whoa.....

ftwrthtx1812d ago

That is one goofy looking Pac-man

dbjj120881812d ago

I love to eat pills too.

Ninte1811d ago

waits for the anti drug nanas to come in to complain pac man is a drug addict lol

GentlemenRUs1811d ago

And there we have it...

Pac-Man now officially ruined...

kcuthbertson1811d ago

Worst part little brother (10) LOVES this show. It's so awful, and he just wasted $40 of his own hard earned money on this piece of crap. Poor kid. I tried to talk him out of it...but you know how kids are.

GentlemenRUs1811d ago

Life sucks half the time =/