Call Of Duty: Ghosts - A PS3 To PS4 Comparison Video

TSA writes: "What we’re showing you here today is a video comparing the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game. Our capture options maybe aren’t as perfect as others’, as we’re using Elgato’s Game Capture HD, but the settings were such that the video was recorded at high bit rates, before being put into the grinder that is video editing."

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johny51833d ago Show
thehitman1833d ago

All i can see is literally a change in resolution. Nothing else not better effects, textures detail nothing...

GuyThatPlaysGames1833d ago

You can clearly see the PS3 version's textures are muddy and alot more jaggies on the PS3 as well. You must be blind sir.

thehitman1833d ago (Edited 1833d ago )

Umm you must not know what resolution does to the picture then. Resolution makes the picture sharper and clears up jaggies. Thats why you need much less AA in higher resolutions. After that happens you can still see the textures are exactly the same. Detail exactly the same. What I seen and what I stated still doesn't change. Learn before you call out please.

BattleAxe1833d ago

It isn't enough to enhance the Call of Duty experience.

GuyThatPlaysGames1833d ago

You sound like a BF fan. Nice try tho troll.

thehitman1833d ago

I am not getting BF or CoD last CoD I enjoyed was CoD4 and I never could get into BF. So no im not a BF fanboy and I am not trolling I pre-ordered the Killzone bundle for Ps4 and I also game on PC. So I play a bunch of all worlds. Also being a PC gamer where you can adjust each setting and see the effects it has on the graphics makes it so you can tell the differences between versions like this. You obviously know nothing about that Mike.

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tdogg1833d ago

yeah the graphics are basically the same

pecorre1833d ago

Looks like Killzone is the only real next-gen FPS.

windblowsagain1833d ago

I goto say.


What rez is the PS3/360 version running in this time.


PS4 rez helps matters abit, but the game is so last last gen looking.

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