Kinect Sports Rivals is 1080p - resolution is "important, but not the whole story", says Rare

Kinect Sports Rivals runs at 1080p and 30 frames a second on Xbox One, OXM can confirm. According to Rare's executive producer Danny Isaac, earlier versions of Rivals offered a maximum resolution of 720p, but the developer was able to upgrade the game over the months to run at 960 and finally 1080p.

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dirigiblebill1809d ago

I wonder what the resolution would have been if they'd gone for 60 frames a second.

/Captain Obvious

cleft51809d ago

The fact that there is even a need to state the resolution shows that things just have not gone right. 1080p should be the standard for next-gen, not the exception.

CrossingEden1809d ago

So which pretentious snobby pseudo intellectual fanboy stated that 1080p should be standard for next gen? According to who? Where is the rule book stating rules of next gen, I must've forgotten my copy in the mail.
Seriously though, resolution is NOT as important as visuals and gameplay, case and point, ryse is 900p on xbox 1, however, AC4 is 1080p on ps4/xb1, and we all know which one of those games looks better.

LiQuiZoN1809d ago

I agree. 1080p as far as i'm concerned is standard now. If a game isn't 1080p then its a No Buy from me, plain and simple. I'm not going to support less than stellar development effort.

bednet1809d ago

I guess that would be me...the consumer.

Am I pretentious to ask for some sort of resolution improvement for next-gen? Why am I buying a 400-500$ console if it can't match my TVs resolution and what's been standard on PC for years?

I don't expect, I demand 1080p and will not settle for anything's MY money and I'll put it where I get what I want...

Guess what, there are millions like myself...

ABizzel11809d ago

Resolution isn't the most important thing, but when you have two of the same games running on two different consoles and one version is running at a higher resolution and averaging better and more consistent fps then it's VERY IMPORTANT. Especially if you're choosing between consoles, buying both consoles and want to play the best version of the game, or I guess if you're a fanboy.

JokesOnYou1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

dirigiblebill, yeah I was wondering the same about Knack @30fps, or KZ SF @30fps single player, with the sometimes @60fps multiplayer or the framerate issue COD Ghosts, or the 900p BF4, or if DriveClub didn't have to delay to hit 60fps in time for launch like Forza 5 or uhm nah thats it.... I mean I'm just sitting here wondering just like you what res would those game would have been if they were locked at 60fps because as we can see its only X1 who doesn't have 1080p 60fps for every game...oh wait.

I bet if all those games were 60fps standard then this too would suddenly be the bar for next gen, right? Well except wii u which many have labeled as not next gen is having no trouble at all doing 1080p @60fps so yes CrossingEden you are correct looking only at a 1 aspect as cleft5, bednet, and others do is really missing the point "next gen" is not 1 focus and in terms of visuals its about making graphics that visually are impossible on last gen hardware, yes res is one way to do that, but also they forget there are other ways like increasing cloth physics, facial expressions, more realistic skin tone, environmental effects, player animation, polygon count, shaders, and lighting are all other ways to DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE VISUALS AT A LOWER RES making a game look better than it would otherwise if a dev chose to omit these things and just make it 1080p @60fps. Its all about tradeoffs but ultimately isn't the point to put the best visual and performance game ON THE SCREEN?

KiRBY30001809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )


i've rarely seen you THAT butthurt.

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Saviour1809d ago

it'll be same as knack will if 60fps.

DeadManV1809d ago

All things said, i agree with him, resolution is definitely important (especially considering the price difference)but it is not the whole picture - but since most of the games we play nowadays are know

RedDevils1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

If it not important, Microsoft might as well stick with the 360 lol

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MizTv1809d ago

Why would it matter with this kind of game anyway?

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Bigpappy1809d ago

I don't believe you will see many Kinect only games at 60fps.

vigilante_man1809d ago

I bet the XB1 UI runs at 1080P and 60fps. Take that Sony!!!

Idba1809d ago

damn, you got us. our ui only runs at 720p

Volkama1809d ago

I bet the PS4 OS runs like you: Slow and with no style.

Ahhhh I couldn't help myself :)

vigilante_man1809d ago

You haven't seen me run.. unless you are still stalking me!

Volkama1809d ago

Good sport. Have a random bubble-up vote for not over-reacting!

Convas1809d ago

And the game looks absolutely fantastic running in person.

Still not too fussed about this resolutiongate stuff, especially not for exclusives.

Dread1809d ago

But I thought xbox one cannot run games at 1080p.

This must be bull.

Death1809d ago

If a game runs at 1080p on the Xbox One, then it isn't next gen enough which compensates for the higer resolution. Take Forzs for example, it's 1080p but doesn't count since racers are appearantly easier to do then other titles. This will be shot down also if it already hasn't. To sum it up, only Playstation exclusives that are 1080p count as being next gen.

vallencer1809d ago

Do you read what you type? Only playstation games count as next gen?? Seriously?? They are both next gen regardless of the resolution because,guess what, they're coming out AFTER current gen. And racing games do count. They all count.

Death1809d ago

Yeah I actually write then read and sometime re-read what I write before I hit submit. Then I read it again and edit if needed for spelling/punctuation errors.

I have an Xbox One on pre-order. I also think all games released on either console are considered next gen with the exception of most "indies" which I still struggle to understand completely.

Both systems have 1080p native games, but most Playstation fans find a way to dismiss the Xbox releases. Forza was the first they claim doesn't count as 1080p since it's too "easy" to make being a racer.

1809d ago
Dread1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I was being sarcastic, I agree with you 100%


You must be new here, or never read the comment section. Sony fanatics do exactly what death is complaining about. One must be blind or simply too obtuse to notice.

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