GameVortex reviews Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 (97/100)

GameVortex reports:

''Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 takes the next step in the Ultimate Ninja series. Not only does it seem to do all of the features of the previous versions, but it also cleans up a lot of the messes the last ones left behind.

Visually, nothing has really changed since the last version. Ultimate Ninja 3 sticks to the manga-style shadowing of the previous games and displays the arenas, characters and village of Konoha in superb detail.

All of the voicework seems to be the same actors as before and all dialogue has that very Naruto feel to it; namely Naruto's over-anxious attitude combined with everyone else's frustration and bewilderment over him. While a lot of the story mode's dialogue from the series is skipped, the script for Naruto's interactions in the Ultimate Path mode is fairly well done.''

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