Call of Duty Ghosts Crashes, Freezes, Stuttering, Lag, Errors, and Fixes

SegmentNext - "List of errors, crashes, freezes, fov, ram, lag and performance issues with workarounds to fix them in Call of Duty Ghosts".

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Mikelarry1810d ago

"You can download ‘Call of Duty Ghosts Ram Fix by Steam006′ and start playing. Exploit was developed by member of the Russian underground hacking group ‘CS.RIN.RU’. Use it at your own risk"

how desperate must you be to play cod that some will be willing to use that fix.

5eriously1810d ago

I used many Russian cracked industrial software in the past without issues. I will be rather wary of something from M$ NSA/Prism related.

JoGam1810d ago

I just laugh when I see these astronauts with guns outter space having a gun fight.

Pintheshadows1809d ago

I didn't get shot in that scene but surely if I had I wouldn't of been able to venture outside. And I started losing frames like mad when I did. GTX770 and an I73770K should not be struggling like this. It dropped below 30fps when the ODIN exploded for sure. Unacceptable. Especially when it is only adequate on the visuals front.

I have money to waste luckily for me but I feel sorry for others as this is just awful.

ZBlacktt1810d ago

This game is just getting hit left and right with issues,

xPhearR3dx1810d ago

I wouldn't take this seriously. Literally every single game that comes out on a PC platform this site post the same exact title just replacing the game name. It's kind of annoying.

Flutterby1810d ago

Seems all versions are having some problems , incoming patches I guess. Guess the xboners trying to pretend this is a ps4 only issue look stupid now.

Activemessiah1809d ago

I really am sick of seeing these headlines for almost every game coming out... is it too much to ask for a game that works off the bat?? apparently it is.

Plagasx1809d ago

Game is terribly optimized. I'm getting ridiculous fps drops.

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