Visual Concepts loves PS4: “It’s so powerful”

NBA2K14 developer Visual Concepts has a particular fondness for PS4, to the point where a few of them won't even touch Xbox One to play.

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Alexious1810d ago

I'm not the biggest fan of NBA, far from it, but I might actually pick up this game as it seems one of the best next games.

mikeslemonade1810d ago

They love it ehhhh? Then why won't they make a better looking game.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

2k15 will slightly look better than 14...and so on and so forth. You know the drill,like Chris Rock said "It's no money in the cure,the money is in the comeback!"

mewhy321810d ago

More developers praising the power of PS4.

ABizzel11809d ago

Wow, that's pretty bold coming from a developer. Be weary of M$ NDA, they don't want this kind of news getting out to the masses.

mikeslemonade1809d ago

Stop being short sighted. In several years you guys will be soon learn that you are being milked once again. You will realize that they are re-hashing a franchise just like Madden and COD.

I'm just a faster learner than the majority of you gamers here. I can be tricked a few times but then I learn.

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miyamoto1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

"The machine itself is ridiculous, it’s so powerful, so much easier to develop for."

Looking forward for the day Visual Concepts (former Sega Sports for the Dreamcast) outscore EA with their sports games for PS4.

Justice will be served.
PS4 will avenge the Dreamcast.

Bhuahahaha1810d ago

lol gonna grab some popcorn

first1NFANTRY1810d ago

just wanted to say your a avatar is dope! Lol

OT: I haven't played a NBA game in a few years but I'm picking this one up for sure. Next gen is gonna be a treat.

Lucreto1810d ago

It is odd how we repeatedly hearing from both big and small developers but nothing for the Xbox other than people doing Xbox exclusives.

Alexious1810d ago

More like, everything points in one direction - it's obviously the right one.

mistertwoturbo1810d ago

Well when one company designed the system around developer input, and the other one is designed around media and cash grabbing, of course the gamer system will be praised.

MYSTERIO3601810d ago

Cants wait to see what 2k can do with the WWE franchise next gen with this tech.

DeadlyFire1810d ago

It is said that Visual Concepts will be working with Yukes on WWE2K15. So either way it will look amazing. I am hoping they take that next-gne engine with NBA2k14 and bring it over. Maybe we can see smooth framerates at last on the game in 6 man matches and so on. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.