Nintendojo reviews Insecticide

Nintendojo reports:

''In 1998, Mike Wilson co-founded the Gathering of Developers, or G.O.D. for short -- a publishing studio for indie game developers. In its brief stint, G.O.D. attracted such well known developers as Epic, Ritual and 3D Realms before being snatched up by Take-Two, who later re-branded G.O.D. as 2K Games. Then, at the beginning of last year, Mike Wilson and his fellow co-conspirators decided to give it another shot with Gamecock Media Group – an upstart publishing studio intent on a hands-off approach to game development and a subversive ideal of allowing developers to keep their own IP.

This meant good things for developer Renegade Kid, who published last year's sleeper Dementium: The Ward under Gamecock. Nintendojo even held a contest for Dementium a few months back. Now it's developer Crackpot Entertainment's turn with Insecticide for DS. Set in a noir world of insects, crime and quirky humor, Gamecock strikes again. Unfortunately, this time around the results are quite...erm, buggy.''

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