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The good folk at Gaming Enthusiast have been playing a lot of Football Manager 14 over the past couple of weeks. But, is it a worthy substitute for the previous FM games?

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LaWiiG1811d ago

I've never really been a statistician, but some people like that, especially with sport games.

jackanderson19851811d ago

man i hate these games... not because they're bad but because they're soul sucking beasts... i think i've put in over 250 hours on the FM13 game and i'll probably pick this up in some Steam sale and put another 250 hours into it... it's just way too addictive

Patient_624821811d ago

I've notched up 272 hours on it already, and I'm still playing the review code, it's not even updated to the full game yet.

claud31811d ago

Great review, might not like the series. But the guy speaks the truth