Ubisoft Snuff Rumors Of Discontinuing Nintendo Support

Eskimo Press: "The Nintendo Wii U is certainly not living up to the success its predecessor. Sales are weak, support is weak, and first-party exclusives are few and far between. Despite all this, Ubisoft have continued to fully support the Nintendo Wii U by releasing a plethora of AAA games on the console. When rumors started surfacing that Ubisoft may be discontinuing their support for the Nintendo Wii U things got tense. We've reached out to Ubisoft and their comments can put Nintendo fans at ease."

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lilbroRx1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Now where are all of the people who flocked to that article suggesting that Ubisoft was dropping support for the Wii U?

They were so hopeful and insistent.

Though statements like the "put Nintendo's fans at ease" crap really irk me. It imposes that Nintendo fans are feeling some form of apprehension when they are not. They are not like Sony fans and Xbox fans who are extremely rabbid and zealous in their praise of their companies products, and get really butt-hurt when things don't seem to favor their company.

The general attitude of Nintendo fans is and always has been the same. They buy good games that are worth their money, which Ubisoft didn't provide. Even if they did leave, most Nintendo fans wouldn't have cared. This does not put them at ease or change their feeling one way or the other.

Things remain as they were. When they release a "full-fledged" game that Nintendo fans actually want to buy, they will buy it. So far, Splinter Cell Blacklist was a broken mess with missing features. AC4 is also missing features.

If the content and cost is not "at least" on par with what every other console is getting, it DOA.

Doesn't matter who produces the games to Nintendo fans or the games genre. All that matters is that its well made and worth the money to them. So long as the Wii U is still getting good games, Nintendo fans will be fine.

Fanboyssuck271809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Well said.
When Wii u sales pick up and Ps4 and xbone don't sell as much as all the fanboys are hyping it up to, be prepared to have the last laugh, especially at all the doom and gloom articles and opinions which are constant on here. d;o)

Neonridr1809d ago

I couldn't agree more. Rayman sold the best on the Wii U even with an install base of significantly less than the 360 or PS3.

A game like Watch Dogs could stand to do very well on the Nintendo system assuming that they release the game with all the features (online included - since there is a rumour floating that the Wii U version will not have any online component, a very unfounded rumour I might add).

Elimin81809d ago

To be fair, PS3 and Xbox has a wider selection of games to choose from and the fact that Wii U is lacking it will sell more cause people 'Wii U gamers' want games for their system(s)…. My 2cents though!

FiLTHY ESKiMO1809d ago

Let's just hope that the Wii U version of Watch_Dogs is on par with both current-gen copies. Wont settle for any less.

GuruMeditation1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

I agree with your points, but not your generalising about Sony and xbox fans. I am a Sony fan and I, like the VAST majority, want the WiiU to succeed for the good of our industry. By all means decry the zealots, but please don't tar us all with the same brush.

SpiralTear1809d ago

Every fanbase has its share of logical members amongst a sea of narrow-minded idiocy. Just because you like one console, that should not mean that you should want the competitors to fail. That mindset is why the community is so terribly flawed nowadays.

Thank you for showing that not every fan has to vehemently bash a competitor's product like it took their lunch money or stole their girlfriend or something. It's good to see some maturity on the internet every now and then. High-five.

LOL_WUT1809d ago

@ Lilbro "They buy good games that are worth their money"

Oh really? Last time I checked TW101 and Sonic Lost Worlds, two exclusive games that most of YOU guys hyped up didn't even sell too good and it happens to carry onto 3rd party titles too.

And if you think Nintendo fanboys aren't over zealous fans who praise their companies products and get butthurt when things aren't going their way then you don't happen to know your own fanbase. ;)

Ubisoft has every right to do as they see fit they as they been there for the WiiU day one. ;)

Theyellowflash301809d ago

He didn't say "EVERY SINGLE" Game will sell good. Just like every single good games or exclusive doesn't sell well on Microsoft and Sony's systems.

PlayStation All Stars sold bad, StarHawk sold bad, and Metal Gear Rising tanked on Xbox 360.

So learn to read his comment and use some comprehension skills before you respond like a idiot.

Because for the two games you mentioned I can name games like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Lego City, and Disney Infinity that are actually selling well on Wii U.

skipper1809d ago

LOL, you flip flop more than anyone on this site. WTH? One second you have Nintendo's back, and the next you don't. Very hard to read anything you post anymore. I pretty much think your a big ol troll.

ThePsychoGamer1809d ago

"They [Nintendo Fanboys] are not like Sony fans and Xbox fans who are extremely rabbid and zealous in their praise of their companies products, and get really butt-hurt when things don't seem to favor their company. "

I could come up with several Nintendo fanboys on this site that do the same thing you say is exclusively limited to sony and xbox fanboys . But for now I just leave the name of the worst contender on Nintendo's side, goes by the name LilbroRx.

Chrischi19881809d ago

But the difference is, I almost never see Nintendo fans troll on other plattforms articles, they basically only defend on their own side, but Sony and MS fans always attack, always bash something somewhere, where they actually should just shut their mouths. That is a big difference and one, even you cannot deny.

On Sony and MS articles, MS and Sony fans bash each other, but for the most part, Nintendo fans stay where they are and only defend, if a troll from sony or ms comes by to bash the wii u and then you guys say, we are soooo bad, even though you people dont get, that you came here and started this mess and cannot accept, that others might like the system, regardless of your MS and Sony resolution war.

Nintendo fans are like the Jedi, defending, what is being attacked, but you guys are definetively attackers on almost every article.

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iplay1up21809d ago

I never thought UBI would drop Nintendo, stupid Rumor. Rayman has sold very well, even though Wii U has a pretty small install base.

lilbroRx1809d ago (Edited 1809d ago )

Didn't jsut sell pretty well, sold more than the PS3/360 versions while taking into accoutn the fact that a "LOT" of people did and still refuse to by the game because of the delay.

They killed that game by delaying it. They tried to be greedy and ended up doing nothing more than increasing their cost while reducing their profit.

The devs need to learn, you can't shortchange Nintendo's customers and expect to make a profit from them.

People who game on Nintendo consoles tend to have really high quality standards. That is the reason why they game on Nintendo consoles.

Knushwood Butt1809d ago

In your first post you said, 'The general attitude of Nintendo fans is and always has been the same. They buy good games that are worth their money, which Ubisoft didn't provide.'. Then you go on to say that Legends sold pretty well. So which is it?

Also, the combined sales of the non-Wii U versions add up to 150% of what the Wii U version sold, so how exactly did that, 'reduce their profit'?

Nevers0ft1809d ago

@Knushwood Butt
I think you've kind of proven point 1 for him. Many of the Ubisoft games have been pretty much quick ports with no real improvements on the (more powerful) Wii U. Rayman Legends is the exception, and that was greeted by above-average units sold for the Wii U.

Your second point makes more sense. The cumulative total of non-Wii U sales is higher than Wii U sales... But they probably would have made bigger profits had they not alienated a fair number of potential Wii U customers by the delay, and just released the other console versions in august.

MilkMan1809d ago

This statement doesn't mean anything. Last I heard they were rather clear that if sales didn't pick up they were gone. now this luke-warm statement?

JackieCruise691809d ago

Good, they can take their shitty ports with them. I'm really getting sick and tired of Ubisoft. They claim to 'support' the Wii U, yet all they were doing was giving Wii U owners subpar ports of games with either missing features or no DLC and then complaining when sales were bad.
They could have had it gold with wii U owners if they wouldn't have screwed us over repeatedly after the whole Rayman Legends fiasco. They're greedier then most, that's for sure.

SpiralTear1809d ago

What in the world are you talking about?

Ubisoft was a huge supporter of the Wii U at launch, even more so than Nintendo themselves. While Nintendo brought out another 2D Mario platformer, Ubisoft made a fully original and damn good launch title in ZombiU. It's a huge shame it didn't sell as well because it was amazing.

I'm not justifying what they did with Rayman Legends (that was a very uneducated and downright stupid move on their part) but Ubisoft has been doing a lot for Nintendo lately. Unlike EA, Ubisoft actually put some effort into the Wii U.

KrisButtar1809d ago

To me the statement was just confirming the games we already knew. This doesn't discredit that other statement that said "if you want Ubisoft games released on the Nintendo Wii U and 3DS that they better start buying their games."

If they mentioned the Division or the Crew were also coming to Nintendo, then I would believe Ubisoft and not merely a PR response.

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