Call of Duty: Ghosts Limits Local Split-screen Co-op to 2-Players

SegmentNext - "Call of Duty: Ghosts will feature 2-player local co-op compared to previous installments in the franchise which offered 4-player local co-op".

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Name Last Name1813d ago

Next installment will have no co-op at all.

KrisButtar1813d ago

My friends and I all cancelled our pre-orders. We will likely just buy it used now. Dropping local multiplayer is just asking console gamers to move to pc where they get the same game with better grapgics

Detoxx1813d ago

COD has been looking the same since MW2, no matter which platform you played it on.

Idba1813d ago

Im not fucking buying this game. The only reason i bought bo2 was bc of zombies and local multiplayer. Now those to things are gone

SuicideKing1813d ago

Truly disappointed, bad move activision!

sephiroth4201813d ago

what the fuck? 2 player only splitscreen online? i know its their own choice to do that, but why drop something that has been a good part of the game for years. i still play a bit of mw3 4 player online

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The story is too old to be commented.