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Gameblog writes: "Solid, Call of Duty: Ghosts is a great value on Xbox 360 (version tested). His campaign alone is a mind-blowing trip and multiplayer game is a must on consoles. In the duel with Battlefield 4 CoD Ghosts therefore takes advantage of the solo and he holds a candle in multi despite its shortcomings (some destruction and especially fewer players involved). Everything is a matter of taste! You want a solo muscular and nervous multi where you can play a little in your corner without worrying about your buddies? CoD Ghosts is for you. On the other hand, you prefer the online game with many players, vehicles and present a very real team effort, then this is BF 4, which will make you happy ... Choose soldiers! "

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hosseincode1861d ago

We love

• Rendering and excellent animations.
• A single-player campaign that puts the spanking than BF4.
• Gameplay nervous and effective.
• The Squads mode to try their hand.
• AI rather successful solo as multi.
• A competitive multi ultra dynamic ...

We do not like

• ... but major cards missing.
• No changes in history.
• Riley is actually quite trivial.
• Short Solo (5h-6h max).

Neixus1861d ago

While i don't like cod, this game seems like a massive downgrade. 12 players max in a game?
Also, only 2 player split screen. They literally almost removed the couch fun this game offers, compared to BF.
Seeing scores like this for the game infuriates me

Starbucks_Fan1861d ago

Is 12 players max only in the current gen versions? If it applies next gen I may cancel my pre order.

BattleReach1861d ago

Infected is 12 player on next gen too. No word on Ground War yet..

staticdash221861d ago

This game is a 3.5/5 at best.

Hufandpuf1861d ago

You played it? I don't like CoD but at least give the game a chance.