PS3 Sound Horror Game Getting Wii Port

PS3 sound novel Imabikisou is getting a Wii port.

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Britjadg3831d ago

intriguing. if its a wii port they better be considering upping the graphics or it simply wont sell.

and ppl lets remember that wii are next gen console #1. i'd be happy to play some of their games as long as they are done well and play find on a dualshock. hell, it cant be any worse than the 360 lost planet port - that was nothing short of terrible.

PS360WII3831d ago

Upping the graphics? I think you are mixed up it's a PS3 game going to the Wii. I never played it so I don't know what it looks like now but I don't think they'll be upping the graphics they might add some new control features though.

Anyway more horror games is nice to have ^^

Britjadg3831d ago

ahhh my bad!

i thought it was a wii port to ps3. normally i dont comment on these things because i dont know much about these types of games. shows huh lol

ChickeyCantor3831d ago

Its a freaking Visual novel, Sound game ?XD