Imabikisou Demo is in the Japanese Playstation Store now

The demo for the Japanese Horror game is now available to download in the Japanese Playstation store. The Demo is 903MB.

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Skerj4478d ago

Sweet, getting it now.

ceedubya94478d ago

To get some quality PS1 downloads for my PS3 Sony. A little Resident Evil, or Xenogears perhaps?

ISay4478d ago

they are planning something and they dont want to flood the market place with old ps games i think it might be connected to home maybe like a museum, all speculation but i promise you this every time i think Sony needs to play catch up i find i was the one stuck in the past.

mighty_douche4478d ago

...can someone please tell me, is it releasing outside of asia? if not i wont bother fumbling through a demo thats in japanese.

Darkiewonder4478d ago

I don't see this "game" making it's away anywhere but in Japan.

synce4478d ago

It's funny because there are Americans downloading it who have no idea what kind of game this is. Put simply, if you don't understand Japanese, you won't be able to play it, period. If you do know Japanese but don't like reading, you won't be able to enjoy it. It's not a game worth hyping at all.

ISay4478d ago

thanks for that comment i wasnt sure what kind of game it was, i just got download happy

d3l33t4478d ago

under this logic, i cant enjoy a french film because i don't speak french? false.

a game is an interactive adventure regardless of language barriers. Sure it may make it difficult, but it still doesn't mean i can't enjoy it. please refrain from discouraging others of venture outside of their box of comfort.

DemiseofPandas4478d ago

The game is almost completely a text based adventure, synce's warnings are all completely valid. Consider it one of those old books, a choose your own adventure.

ChibiSelz4478d ago

i downloaded it its weird like i cant move or nothing story telling sorta maybe i did the wrong thing lol dont really understand hehe

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