SOCOM: Confrontation In-depth chat and new screens for the PS3 shooter

1UP Staff:"For Electronic Gaming Monthly's May cover story, freelancer Joe Rybicki interviewed Sony's Seth Luisi and Slant Six design director David Seymour to get an update on what to expect from SOCOM: Confrontation. And now that all eyes are looking to EGM's next issue, we have the full transcripts of those interviews available for the first time here on 1UP.

Head over to our screenshots page to check out new images from the game, and look out for exclusive new video footage on this Friday's episode of The 1UP Show. But for now, the uncut interviews..."

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Tetsuryu3830d ago

It's going to be a tough choice for myself for someone who's never played MGO (PS2) or any of the previous SOCOM titles. Considering this title gets released shortly after MGS4, would anyone recommend playing this over MGO?

Tryst3829d ago

I wouldn't say it gets released shortly after. Its almost 3-4 months after.

Qbanboi3829d ago

shortly? ^^

MGO -> June 12
Socom -> September

XD I will be bore of MGO for that time.

lelik3830d ago

in my opinion mgo is going to be a very different game. sounds to me like socom is still going closer in a call of duty direction because that's what people are going to want. mgo is its own thing. i think socom sounds way better atm.

FourtyPoundSteak3829d ago

definitely SOCOM. hands down, cant wait.

TresTrendu3829d ago (Edited 3829d ago )

Well even if those are online screens they are awful bland and low textured screens i am seeing. Compared to what other people are doing with online play graphics this is last gen stuff. I know, I know, God i know you people are going to say well it's about the gameplay. But here is my theory if you was blind folded and someone handed you a turd in your hands. It may feel really good in your hands, but once you take the blindfold off and see it you are going to be like ewwwwwww. Graphics is part of gameplay i feel sets a tone for a map and gives the game atmosphere.

callahan093829d ago

The reason a turd is "ewwww" is because it is waste expelled from the body. It's unhealthy. It's not because it looks gross or feels gross. My point is, when you take off the blindfold and see that it's a turd, it doesn't change your perception because of what it looks like, but because of what it actually IS, and turds are gross! I don't think your analogy is really relevent. A more appropriate one would be... I dunno... you're sleeping with a woman and it feels nice, and when you open your eyes and see that she's got acne all over her face you start to lose a bit of your pleasure. But it still feels nice. Just like an ugly game can still be extremely fun.

And quite frankly, I think the game looks beautiful. The environments in particular. The character models look a bit low-poly, but that's OK.

Qbanboi3829d ago

Don't they have like 5 months to fix that?

QUNE3829d ago

This has ALWAYS been an online popular game. This game will make me go finally buy a PS3. I cant wait.

callahan093829d ago

This game looks and sounds like it's going to be awesome.