'Legend of Raven' Headed to PS4, Xbox One

8CN: Legend of Raven has now been confirmed for the PS4 and Xbox One, in addition to the previous plans for the PS Vita. The next-gen version will include several exclusive features including a new soundtrack, more UI and background effects, and online play with GGPO.

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BG115792026d ago

Why? What does this game brings if it comes to the Ps4? This game would run nicely on a Ps2.

JetP06192026d ago

more people can experience it? better visuals, effects? more things they can add for you to do? Expanding the crowd so much more people can experience it? and its a good addition to the ps4 library since transitioning to ps4 we dont have an fighting games yet?

Dumb Question from BG11579

LeShin2026d ago

Err...I'm with BG11579 on this one and it isn't a dumb question

'More people can experience it?' Maybe not on the PS2 (Though obviously it's user base still trumps Sony's later consoles) and if this comment was valid, why not release it on the PS3 as it has an actual established user base. The PS4 does not yet.

'better visuals, effects?' The PS3 has the BlazBlu series (and that new Persona fighting game) and that has brilliant graphics. I'm a bit sceptical that this game will look better than those, but I guess we'll see...

'more things they can add for you to do?' Not sure what type of things you mean, but if you're implying this will be given via dlc, I'm sure the PS3 can accommodate that by now :-)

'Expanding the crowd so much more people can experience it?'

Again, putting it on a console which already has a large user base seems more logical

'and its a good addition to the ps4 library since transitioning to ps4 we dont have an fighting games yet?'

Isn't the PS4 version of Injustice coming out at launch?

JetP06192026d ago

Yes, Injustice is indeed coming out at launch. But for a lot of people, PS4 will be their first console and alot of early adopters like myself who play fighting games alot this would be a great addition to ps4's library. PS3 already have ssf4 AE which will be updated by april of next year to ultra edition, kof, umvc3, injustice, blazblue, persona, guilty gear and etc. Not to mention it would be a great fighting game to start with since injustice is already available with Current Gen. What i meant by more things, are addition of things like mini games, expanded story mode, other game modes, and YES BETTER VISUALS AND EFFECTS. Sure persona and blazblue look great but you can aim for higher, the amount of detail running on screen surely will be better now with better tech. Yes, put it on the ps4 so more people can experience the game. IDK what you were on when you said PS2, i lost you there and i wasnt in any way implying anything about DLCS, if anything i want a complete game like injustice ultimate edition thats coming out on ps4. i'm personally tired of Capcom and its vast amount of DLCS.