Why I'm Going With A Steam Console and Wii U This Next Gen

GameNTrain author Christopher Carpenter writes: Over the past year or so, since the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were announced, the Console Wars have been reignited with just as much fury as before. With the blind bias that many of the individual company’s fans seem to emanate, not all are like this of course. It makes someone like me, who just cares for the greatness that this industry brings to us, in a state of annoyance over the petty arguments that these fandoms have generated. It is for these reasons that I have decided to completely skip the products offered by Sony and Microsoft out of the sake of preserving my own enjoyment of all games.

My disagreement with these consoles are of course not confined to the fans’ bias. I am also quite displeased with their business practices as of late. Between Microsoft’s policy of buying early releases and exclusivity to Sony’s recent actions of derision of their competitors, they have taken up very unprofessional tactics to appeal to their fans. It makes them appear as rich children arguing on who has more friends, dishing out their money and foul tactics to make them more popular. In my opinion, a console should be able to get exclusivity and early releases on the impressiveness of the console and the first party titles for the system instead of the size of the company’s wallet. The same applies to the their behavior, they should be able to maintain a professional manner with its rivals and focus on the enjoyment of their games instead of trying to be better then them.

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Axonometri1810d ago

Yea.. right now, it's a lot like Xbox365 and PS3.8.

Steven211810d ago

Please elaborate. Especially on the 3.8... I can some what see the 365 but even that is being overly harsh

Axonometri1810d ago

Simple, they both are going to take a while before they reach potential and many of the games at launch are looking just a little better then their current gen counterparts.

A lot of general purchase people are going to have been expecting more of a visual impact in the difference.

On XboxOne, um... I have to explain?

Minato-Namikaze1810d ago

So basically its like any other video games system? Or has any system ever reached its full potential at launch?

kayoss1810d ago

Good luck playing your games on ps3.8 or xbox365. Because most us will be playing on the ps4 or x1.
Yes it will take them a year or so to reach their full potential a matter of fact it might take them all of its lifetime. But these are the only consoles that you can play next gen games.

Axonometri1810d ago

Not if you have a PC and a Wii U. I will have a PS4 eventually a Xbox One also... but right now a lot of the games are only slightly better visually and in most cases play exactly the same.

Love all the disagrees because I state valid true facts.

N4g_null1808d ago

Even developers are stating they want one box, ps4 and xbone are the same... if it is power you seek then you have to go pc and full dx11.etc or shader model 4 or 5 with new ddr5 which is faster than gddr ram lol.

So as a gamer it is just pc and wiiu left... steam is debatable depending on if it does provide a boost. I believe mantel would have some thing to say about that.

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Enemy1810d ago

Odd opinion. Awkward, even.

Blacktric1810d ago

Didn't you know? People can't have any other opinions (regarding next-gen platforms) than; "I'm definitely getting a PS4 on launch" on N4G. If you state otherwise, then your opinion is wrong and you are the cancer that is killing the industry or just a manchild. /s

Enemy1810d ago

No problem. Wii U is not getting much support other than Nintendo's own, and Steam "consoles" will be ridiculously overpriced.

Moncole1810d ago

The Wii U will have the great Nintendo games not availible anywhere else while the Steam Machine is a PC so you get all your multiplatform games on it and the thousands of PC exclusives.

lilbroRx1810d ago

I'm going PC/Wii U because, anything the PS4 and Xboxone can offer, I can get better on my PC.

The Wii U is the only consle that offers something that I can't get better on my PC. That is why I consider it the only true next generation console. Its actually taking gaming to another level.

gpturbo811809d ago

thank you for seeing what most fools cannot

iamnsuperman1810d ago

The good steam boxes are going to be expensive (how they are manufactured by other people) so I hope you wallet doesn't mind

zeal0us1810d ago (Edited 1810d ago )

He/she could just build their own pc and install the SteamOS on it.

Hicken1810d ago

... but then that's not buying a Steam console.

Daves1810d ago

PS4 and a little bit of PC for me.

Clover9041810d ago

I'll be doing the same thing. Can't wait for the Oculus Rift.

Daves1810d ago

I had a go of a Rift at Eurogamer Expo.

A friend was demoing it, with a 'level' he had knocked up... there was a bit where there was a huge drop and he asked me to jump off... erm, no!! :D

It's very good.

NeoTribe1810d ago

Sony is set to announce there vr headset soon also. Iooks like it may be the same thing. While I don't think virtual reality is where it will need to be with the rift and sony vr headset, if it does peripheral view, ill be happy as hell.

N4g_null1808d ago

All sony vr head sets currently suck. They look cool but suck pretty bad. The oculus rift gets almost all of vr right... now they just need more input options.

Steven211810d ago

I'm definitely getting a steam box but I'm not expecting much out of it yet. It would have to destroy my PS4 and X1 in terms of playability, accessibility, and graphics to make it my go to console.