300 Steam Machine Beta Testers Will Receive Metro: Last Light for Free

In a new announcement from Valve, beta testers for the Steam Machines will be receiving the first-person shooter Metro: Last Light for free.

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Maxor1809d ago

Do they get to keep the machines tho??

DragonPs41809d ago

Nope and that is why I didn't sign up for the beta.

allgamespc20121809d ago

oh, entitled gamer here folk, watch out, we have a badass over here. Come on, really? just cause you feel entitled to keeping them doesnt mean you dont want to try them.

ATiElite1809d ago

Didn't know you were Adam Sessler's brother!

DragonPs41809d ago

It would have just been to much of a hassle, I'll try a steam machine when it is out on retail with less problems and it can be mine.

Hazmat131809d ago

good deal i say great game, single player is crazy awesome.

SuperBlur1809d ago

They asked for my full name. Phone number. Street adress. Zip code. I was fine sharing these info but then they asked that i set my steam profile to public, i said hell no!

cloud4951809d ago

Ah lucky, I haven't played the game but it looks awesome. I wish I could be a beta tester, really want to try the new controller out. But I'm sure they won't pick someone from New Zealand.

ATiElite1809d ago

Can't wait to see BENCHMARKS of Metro-Last light running on a Steam machine / SteamOs vs. a PC with the same hardware running through Windows/Directx


(meaning some Magazine or website needs to get these benchmarks out to the public ASAP)

Hassassin1809d ago

I wait this and Mantle anxiously