PS4, Xbox One Hard Drives Will Only Fit 12 Full-Sized Games

It might be a good idea to go ahead and start planning out exactly how you are going to fill up your new console’s hard drive. Dave Thier from Forbes points out that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are each equipped with 500GB of internal storage, which is plenty to store dozens of current generation of games — but unfortunately for digital hoarders, launch games on PS4 and Xbox One will typically come in between 30 GB to 50GB in size.

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GusHasGas2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

I'm pretty sure that I've already pre-ordered at least 12 PS4 games... :(

You would think that two such advanced machines could include hard dives with more than 500GB...


A 2.5 inch Sata ll 500GB HDD (included in PS4) is $59, and a 2.5 inch Sata ll 1TB HDD is $84. I don't see why Sony didn't invest into including 1TB HDDs...


GarrusVakarian2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Im guessing it was to keep costs down, how advanced they are has nothing to do with it. Glad im going mainly physical, same as i always have with most things.

Although i would rather have paid a little extra for 1TB.


I thought you only cache the games while you play? And then as soon as you put another game in it gets deleted for the new game that's entered the PS4? So if you had 450gb remaining and you played a game that had a 50GB install THEN played another game after, the 50gb from the previous game would be deleted for use of the new game....right?

1OddWorld2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

I was wrong I missed this some how

Going physical is a good thing.

GusHasGas2880d ago

Yeah, but on Amazon, the Sata ll 1TB HDD is only about $25 more than a Sata ll 500GB HDD.

1OddWorld2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

@ Lukas_Japonicus - You are totally right I some how missed that very important piece of info. Maybe 500g will be just fine.

Damn it got the info wrong again. It still takes up the 50gig... Help I'm spiraling with confusion. Bad brain day.

buddymagoo2880d ago

Well if you need more space you could always upgrade the PS4 hard drive

saladthieves2880d ago

And I believe that this is precisely where having physical copies of the game comes more handy than their digital counterparts. A simple shelf will hold more than 100 PS4/Xbox one game. A hard drive equivalent just doesn't exist.

GmIsOnPt3602880d ago

Both consoles require physical games to be installed before play as well. So still a lot of installing and deleting so going boy coal isn't any bettwr

Stsonic2880d ago

You are right now I have two questions:

1. Why did this get approved?
2. Why is this article still up even tho the author has admitted his mistake? (kudos for that most would just run with it)

kneon2880d ago


And that's why I've already got a 1TB drive ready to go day 1.

UltimateMaster2879d ago

It's one of the main reason why consoles have retail games.
PC has huge space for multiple HDDs, that's nothing to worry about.

ShinMaster2879d ago

I don't know about you guys, but I don't usually play more than 12 games at a time back to back.

When I'm finished with one game I usually make room for another game if I'm running out of room, unless I'm still playing the multiplayer, which is unlikely for most games, personally.

I guess that's a good think that Sony let's you upgrade the HDD on the PS4 for cheap, unlike other consoles.

vigilante_man2879d ago (Edited 2879d ago )

Good job the games in the PS4 can be cached so they are deleted and re-cached for a different game.

Biggest issue for me is Sata II. They included USB 3.0 so should of gone with Sata III (6Gbps). All older disks would work fine but also newer ones too with potential for blinding SSDs when prices drop over the coming years.

For me I will go for 1TB 7200 rpm or a 1TB Hybrid 5400 with 64MB cache. In the PS3 the 7200 was faster and seemed quieter. The 64MB cache of the Hybrid would make a massive improvement in performance.

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whoyouwit042880d ago ShowReplies(7)
Yo Mama2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

It might only be $25 more but if you multiply that by 2 million..... that's significantly more money Sony needs to spend up front.

Kayant2880d ago

Or could be used to beef up hardware. $25 might be little but it could have been the deciding amount (bulk wise) for MS or Sony to get better hardware.

OlgerO2880d ago

12 PS4 games ? You sir are a beast!

HugoDrax2880d ago

"we don't believe you, you need more people" - HOV

Caleb_H2880d ago

because 84-59=25. If sony sold a million ps4s that'd be $25,000,000. Which is a lot, even for a big company like sony.

TheTwelve2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

I just bought a TB so I guess I can hold...24 games? But I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be playing 24 games at once so I'm good. I'll just be deleting what I'm not playing.

I bought this one:

ovnipc2880d ago

Ps4 owner are in luck, can upgrade hdd to 2tb. Xbox hdd its internal that sucks. Maybe opening the cnsole and inser a bigger one, but most likely will be pattented like x360.

HugoDrax2880d ago

I don't think 2TB internal hdd drives will fit inside the PS4? isn't there a size requirement? I think the max currently is 1.5TB

kneon2880d ago


The limit is the 9.5mm thickness, which I believe right now means a 1TB maximum. But of course that will go up over time.

kingPoS2879d ago

2tb 2.5 HDD's will come later. And the PS4 can fit drives up 12.5mm

ALLWRONG2879d ago

X1 can use external HDDs from day one.

Trekster_Gamer2879d ago

Your comment is typical of a sonybot... Unlike Sony you WILL be able to add external HDD to the XBOX One unlike the pees4

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evilbart2880d ago

Would this one work very tempted to get it as its quite cheap

lazyboyblue2880d ago

No has to be 2.5 inch.sorry

strickers2880d ago

$25 isn't much to you, buy times that by 15-20 million within 2 years.

mistertwoturbo2880d ago

Non-issue for me since I will be buying only PS4 exclusives with a rare multiplatform title or two.

nasnas762880d ago

Generally speaking in manufacturing, for every $1 you spend to make it, it cost the consumer retail price $4-10 more. And with consoles always being sold at a lost (development cost included), the less $$ used the better for the company selling it.

RaptgamersUnited2880d ago

Yeah they should of gave us 2 sku's at launch day. And at least charge us another $100.00 for the TB HD. Sony could have taken advantage of this and made a bit more profit from it.

Eyeco2880d ago

Isn't 12 games an above average attache rate? basing this off recent attache rates, the average gamer isn't going to own more than 8-10 games.

Obviously we're enthusiasts so 12 games is usually the least amount of games we'll own for a console generation (I personally own over 130 games across 3 platforms) So as enthusiasts we shouldn't expect either companies to server all our needs, if 500gb is to little, simple just buy a bigger HDD.

JimmyLmao2879d ago

dude, if you are using physical disc games, you wont need to upgrade your hard drive ever.

this is only a problem for digital games.

Stuart812879d ago

Agreed I would have expected at least each system to have a minimum of 1TB

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Relientk772880d ago

That's why I bought a 1TB hard drive for my PS4

Relientk772880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

My friend also bought one for his PS4, we are both upgrading, this is what we both got

Seagate Solid State Hybrid ST1000LM014 1TB 64MB Cache 2.5" SATA 6.0Gb/s Laptop Hard Drive -Bare Drive

Lubu2880d ago

@capjack, Sony said it has to be no more than 9mm. That Toshiba you have linked is 12mm. It probably won't fit.
I did order the HGST 1.5tb drive. Ready to be upgraded day one.

OrangePowerz2880d ago


A German magazine got one earlier and took it apart and said that it fits 12mm.

Not sure about the data transfer speed from the Toshiba with only 3gb/s.

FunAndGun2880d ago

Straight from the PSBlog:

What type of hard drive does PS4 use?

PS4 is equipped with a 5400 RPM SATA II hard drive. Users can choose to install a new hard drive so long as it complies with these standards, is no thicker than 9.5mm, and is larger than 160GB.

Follow those guidelines and you will be fine.

RiPPn2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

I grabbed a Seagate 750gb 7200rpm SSHD hybrid from ebay. All the hybrids now are 5400rpm which makes this model more appealing. These ones are factory recerts that include a 6 month warranty, from what I read the reason there are so many recerts of this model is because they needed a firmware upgrade to work properly, so these should be as good as new which is probably why they are giving such a lengthy warranty. I've had one of these SSHDs in my PS3 for a couple years now and the performance is fantastic and 7200rmp makes a major difference on the PS3 so I'd assume even more so on the PS4 since it's going to be used for cache.

mistertwoturbo2880d ago

You guys should know that the PS4 only supports SATA 2 which is 3gbps. No point in buying a 6gbps.

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1OddWorld2880d ago

1TB seems like the sweet spot.

24 games Theoretically. More if you include the ton of indies coming to both consoles.

The_Ozymandias2880d ago

I agree, and I'm looking at this Hybrid Drive. Great Price, Great Specs.

Theoretically, it fits between 20-35 games (with an avg. of 27 games) I don't think I've ever owned more than 15 games at once, I also don't think I've ever owned any digital games, let alone any combination of the two.

SOD_Delta2880d ago

I'll wait till a 2TB compatible HDD is released.

neocores2880d ago

If u would read about sony Yoshida says game install dont have to be installed at all it will cache the date.

DigitalRaptor2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Exactly. A well-said bubble for you.

For those that don't know, the game doesn't need to be fully installed as the data is cached to the HDD, and then the files are deleted once they no longer are needed. Great solution, if you ask me.

Cyb3r2880d ago

I only have a 3mb internet connection and it wont get any faster where I live for another 4-5 years so I guess I have to stick with indie and disc based games for a while. But how will I transfer all of my content to a bigger internal hard drive when my 500gb gets filled by disc based installs and saves etc?

Belking2880d ago

xb1 has unlimited cloud saves anyway.

Idba2880d ago

-For game saves, profiles etc.

Just about the same you get with PS+ on PS3

Codey472880d ago

It's 1 gb storage for each system (PS3, PS Vita, PS4)

I'm gunna be ok for disk space a Hybrid will take the original HDD's place

Cyb3r2880d ago

I was wondering when my PS+ subscription runs out do I have to buy another subscription to access my cloud saves? and will my cloud saves get erased if I don't buy another subscription within a certain amount of time?

Codey472880d ago

@ Rich

You will have to buy another subscription to access/upload/download your saves.

IIRC 6 Months is the duration of save games after the 6 month deadline they will be deleted. Unless Sony has mysteriously changed their policy.

Cyb3r2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

@Codey Thanks for the info
That's kind of disappointing that I have to keep buying PS+ to keep cloud saves from being deleted after 6 months. I wonder if you can backup PS4 saves on a USB device? If not and the hard drive fails all my progress would be gone. I remember reading about this happening to someone on gametrailers forums their 40GB PS3 HDD failed they didn't back up their saves and they had 60 hours progress in Skyrim.

BLAKHOODe2880d ago


GameStop's leaked Black Friday ad has 1-year PS+ cards for $30. I plan on buying at least 3 of them. (They should stack.) If you're concerned about your PS+ subscription expiring, you might want to consider doing this.

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DigitalRaptor2880d ago (Edited 2880d ago )

Awww, another person who thinks Microsoft is letting you store your games in your own compartmentalised section of the cloud.

Why would Microsoft let you upload a game you've already downloaded/installed to their servers, when the game is already on their own servers in the first place? That would be an absolutely colossal case of data redundancy. THINK!