Titanfall - Hands on Preview

In this hands on preview, Dave lets us know whether the most anticipated game of 2014, Titanfall, is really worth all the hype.

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colt-of-tipton2027d ago

Has this game received any bad press ? really looking forward to this one .

Naga2027d ago

Going by the previews and hands-on impressions, one would think this game is made of magic - as if it's actually what you would find at the end of the rainbow.

I hope it's all true.

dantesparda2026d ago

"the most anticipated game of 2014", What!? no, its not! its just another generic FPS being talked up by the MS fanboys because its a exclusive, that is all it is. And the game is probably going to only run at 720p, its COD with mech's running on a old source engine with so-so graphics. You fanboys gotta get out more

QuickdrawMcgraw2026d ago

Careful dantesparda one is not suppose to say anything negative about the all mighty Titanfall here on N4Xbox.

2027d ago
ATi_Elite2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

A very Solid game with New gameplay! People are lookign forward to this game including myself.

No PS4 version (Yippie) because the Game has CLoud support, some of the enemies are Enemy A.I. controlled by the server along side 64 players.

Makes for some unique gaming. gonna buy it myself for PC.

ABeastNamedTariq2027d ago

"No PS4 version (Yippie)"

You just had to fanboy it up, didn't you? Lol.

I'm excited for it too, but all you're doing is baiting people. Tisk tisk.


I likes it. I'm going to buy the disc version though (as opposed to downloading it).

joab7772026d ago

Yeah...this is xbone's saving grace. If it can combat all the negative press at launch with a stable release, the tables may turn early next yr. This is a game that sells consoles...period. Especially to all those CoD lovers...and Sony has captured millions of CoD players despite the deal MS has with activision. But this game is gonna demand fps fans purchase an xbone.

Rimeskeem2026d ago

looks good hopefully will be able to get it later in the gen

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Funantic12027d ago

Titanfall is coming up fast on the preorders too. Almost past knack with 20 weeks to go. Imagine if it was available a over a year ago for preorder like Destiny has been.

Clarence2027d ago

It's a FPS vs a platform game. What do you expect.

NateCole2027d ago

The fact that it is behind Knack in pre orders is funny.

dantesparda2026d ago

It shows what fanboys, the MS fanboys on this site are. I dont hear Sony fanboys talking up Knack like its the greatest thing just cuz its a exclusive

Rimeskeem2026d ago

knack looks promising if you ask me

NateCole2026d ago


Titan is a game that is so hyped that it is considered the next cod against Knack which no obe is really talking about much. Heck xbots laugh at it and yet it is ahead of their overhyped titanfall still.

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Snackle2027d ago

This will be the first game to truly show us what the next gen can do!

Clarence2027d ago

Just wondering. How a game running at 720p will be the first game to truly show us what next can do? Gameplay looks fun but the graphics are not that impressive.

Bigc322026d ago

Sir u are moron! U think every xb1 is 720 u moron '

dantesparda2026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

um, no sir, you are the moron, for the rumors are that this game is going to be 720p to and so far most of the rumors have been coming through and the developers themselves would not confirm that the game runs at 1080, only that it will run at 60fps

Clarence2026d ago

@big c
Ur a buffoon. Ur statement doesn't even make sense.
"U think ever xb1 is 720." What does that even mean?
What a buffoon.

It's a reason why you have to make multiple accounts.

joab7772026d ago (Edited 2026d ago )

Great statement. And what I love most is that it will b native 720p also...simply scaled up to 1080p. But no one will b talking about whether its actually next gen material b/c it will be obvious by..its gameplay!! No one will care if its blacks r too black or whether it doesn't look as good from 12 inches.

Don't get me wrong...I love what Sony has done...and I am getting an xbone b/c I can't get a ps4 anywhere. Otherwise I would choose ps4 day 1 and buy an xbone next March. But I wonder...while the ps4 is the must own console at launch...when titanfall releases...the xbone will become a must buy for millions. Does Sony have anything to combat that when ppl realize that a slight graphical difference isn't that big of a deal. Yeah...a new Uncharted may be a console seller but is Infamous? Killzone? I think that MS will get bailed out by Titanfall and they knew it all along. Thats why their emphasis is on everything else the machine can do.

NavydAd2027d ago

For the only next gen console the 1

PsylentKiller2027d ago

About 5 months until Titanfall. I hope the day one games will stop me from thinking about Titanfall.

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